New Jenzo effect : The Guiding Hand

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New Jenzo effect : The Guiding Hand

Postby Jenzo » December 4th, 2017, 1:03 pm

Jenzo Harmonics
6 Smythies Avenue, Colchester, Essex, CO1 2UR - 07764487650


Good evening!
I’ve been beavering away on a secret project and I’m pleased to now announce it here on the Genii forum.
There’s no video for this one, but below are a series of pictures for your perusal :)
The effect is called ‘The Guiding Hand’.
It is my new version of the 3x3 matrix effect used in Tenyo’s Tape Mystery.
The props are some of my proudest work so far, lots of trials and tests to get the right finish and level of aging.
(For the envelopes, I wore them in my jeans pockets for over a week to get some genuine wear!)


It takes the theme of a ouija/spirit board. The spectator is guided by a spirit to move around the board with two mysterious revelations...
The props replace the original tape deck and cassette with a much more discreet method which sits perfectly with the story.
For the first time I have an effect with two different routines, each with its own set of props to perform with.
Routine 1- the Love Letter.
The spectator uses the board to contact someone’s long lost love.
Routine 2 - the Final Word
The spectator contacts the boards original owner, and experiences a magical prediction from beyond the grave...


In each routine, the spectator goes through a series of carefully planned and (seemingly) fair and random processes, which make the method convincingly impossible!
 Each set includes the following..

One Antiqued spirit board with a felt bottom.
One small wooden tray with three miniature planchettes.
One deck of (sneaky) number cards.
Two sets of laser etched tiles, one with letters and one with words.
A hand made and aged envelope for each routine containing the reveals.
3 velvet pouches to contain the props.
Very detailed instructions!

There are lots of secrets and surprises in the routines :)

There are a lot of processes and stages to get the props looking just right and I think they’re really nice to handle.

Sets are £120 gbp with postage as follows
£4 uk £6 EU £8 US.

I have 4 sets available, If you would be interested just drop me an email direct to

I also have available one each of the following effects from the Jenzo archive...
Silent Witness - £100 -
Spiritual Release - £80 -
Voodoo Puzzle - £60 -
Treasure Island - £50 -

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Re: New Jenzo effect : The Guiding Hand

Postby Jenzo » December 6th, 2017, 3:01 am

Treasure Island is now sold.
Please contact me for further information about future availability.

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Re: New Jenzo effect : The Guiding Hand

Postby Matthew Field » December 6th, 2017, 5:47 am

"Jenzo's" magic effects are the most beautiful I've seen. Amazing craftsmanship with excellent magic principles. Highly recommended!

Matt Field

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