**FS Prof BC and Dark Artiface Books**

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**FS Prof BC and Dark Artiface Books**

Postby some-idiot » October 29th, 2017, 5:05 pm

**Two great Mentalism books for sale**

1. "More Gh*sts" by Prof BC asking $450 plus shipping
This is a reproduction by Prof BC of MR James' second short story collection, More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary.

MORE GH*ST will be a 'bridge' between GH*ST and Dopps. It will be a little of each and much its own:
- Perfect for a stand-alone performance,
- Ideal for an 'Evening with M. R. James' when used with GH*ST,
- A handy addition to the Dopps library, AND
- That aforementioned 'bridge' allowing you to add your GH*ST to your Dopps library for additional routines and performance possibilities.

Gemini Artifacts is assisting me with sales and shipping. Please go to https://geminiartifacts.com/collections ... -artifacts to purchase. Thank you very much for your interest!

2. For Sale: Oraculum SE Book Test asking $150 plus shipping

What is Oraculum?

From the mind of B. Hasbun (creator of Codex V, and the 2014 Magic Cafe Trick of the Year award-winner: INFERNO), comes his most powerful creation to date: Oraculum.

"...A DARK MASTERPIECE." -Luca Volpe

Oraculum is a mysterious book of 366 date-of-birth profiles, riddled with spellbinding fortunes, dark forewarnings, and an unbreakable connection to the all-knowing Tarot. Its pages are graced by several charts, images, and illustrations- all hand drawn by an expert artist.

It is not a book test. Among its pages is encrypted a centuries-old secret that has yet to be deciphered. Its author and title are a mystery. Its age and provenance are vague. Some say it is fifty years old, others one hundred or more. Its secrets, however, are much older- ancient, perhaps.

With a page count of two-hundred, and an approximate size of six by nine inches, Oraculum's size and weight is substantial.

Of what is Oraculum capable?
- give a detailed reading based on your sitter/spectator's date of birth
- give a personalized tarot reading to each of your sitters/spectators without the need to carry a deck (or the need to know the Tarot and its meanings- Oraculum does it all for you)
- reveal your sitter/spectator's date of birth (down to the year, if you're so bold) without anything read aloud, any questions asked, anything written down, any peeks or glimpses, any pre-show work or confederates. Minimal, and in many cases zero, memory work is required. This can be accomplished with one of three, easy to perform, unique methods embedded into the pages of Oraculum, some more difficult than others but all of them worthwhile and well-justified. Oraculum is the strongest, most versatile date-of-birth divination tool of its kind
- multiple reveal options for date-of-birth divination available (through the Tarot, through the charts, and many more ways as explained in the manual)
- the book is fully examinable and can be read from cover to cover
- many non date-of-birth divination effects are possible. Perform a few of the most powerful Tarot card routines conceivable, using Oraculum as your guide and secret weapon
- so much more. The door has only been cracked...
Reference: http://www.darkartifice.com/artifacts/oraculum

Gemini Artifacts is assisting me with sales and shipping. Please go to https://geminiartifacts.com/collections ... -artifacts to purchase. Thank you very much for your interest!

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