Louis' Magic Items - 350+

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Louis' Magic Items - 350+

Postby Olde_Goods » September 11th, 2017, 1:43 pm

Louis' Magic Items

This is my personal collection spanning the last 40+ years. Hundreds of Mentalism and Magic items - books and props. A huge range of material including Mentalism, Bizarre, Escapology, Magic, and other allied arts including Ventriloquism. A lot of extremely rare and 1st Edition publications. Many signed.

This is high quality material intended for professionals and those serious about the Art. Authors including Gene (Phantini) Grant, Leo Boudreau, Michael Sibbernsen, Greg Edmonds, George Anderson, T.A. Waters, Will Dexter, Bruce Bernstein, Uriah (Martin Gardner) Fuller, Richard Mark, Alain Nu, Bob Cassidy, Neal Scryer, Richard Osterlind, Dunninger, Phil Goldstein, Luke Jermay, Stephen Minch, Ford Kross, Myriam Ruthchild, Richard Webster, Derren Brown, John Novak, Bill Hertz, Gary Kurtz, Harlan Tarbell, David Berglas, David Kaye, Frank Garcia, and Burling Hull, for starters.

Rarities including Tony Andruzzi/Maskelyn Ye Mage's legendary GRIMOIRE OF THE MAGES. Almost all of Tony Doc Shiels' books are also available.

There are dozens of props, utility devices and effects. Some rare, others brand new, including electronics, blindfolds, billet knives, a myriad of metal bending tools, and gaffed decks. There are several excellent Book Tests including the MOAB 2.0, THE KEY, and Ultimate Flashback. There are straitjackets, a Brooks Trunk and a "Witches Torture Board". And a LOT more.

Hundreds of extremely difficult to find books.

Most items are priced at 60% of current market value.

All items are shipped from Canada to anywhere in the world.

The catalog is here...
http://www.canadamentalist.com/Trade/lo ... .items.pdf

Sale starts September 23rd.

Thank you for your interest!

Louis Pezzani
9844 67ave edmonton
alberta canada
phone: 7806606634
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email olde-goods@shaw.ca

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Re: Louis' Magic Items - 350+

Postby Olde_Goods » September 18th, 2017, 11:17 am

Sale ends this Saturday, Sept 23


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