For Sale Vibrations by Magic Concepts and Tenyo Magic Cubes Winnie Pooh

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For Sale Vibrations by Magic Concepts and Tenyo Magic Cubes Winnie Pooh

Postby magicking » March 25th, 2017, 6:40 pm

I have for sale:

Vibrations put out by Magic Concepts
A trick with Tarot Cards, was told this retailed for 49.00 There is no description of what the effect is and I can't seem to Find it online...

My price $14.84 with FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY..PayPal ONLY

Tenyo Magic Cubes Winnie The Pooh

Magician displays three cubes, each with a different section of one picture of an adorable Winnie the Pooh hanging from a balloon.
The cubes are then stacked out of order.
Magician covers the cubes with a magical tube and makes a magical gesture.
When the tube is taken off, the cubes have returned to original order.
The effect can be immediately repeated as many times as you wish, with the cubes always returning to the proper positions.

For the climax, the balloon cube disappears then reappears from an unexpected place

My price $19.96 with FREE shipping in the USA ONLY..PayPal ONLY

Retail 25.00 + shipping

You can email me at

Mike King - 208 South Oak Street - Dixon, Missouri 65459

Ph 573-693-2870
Michael King
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