Classic Magic VHS Tapes - HUGE sale - $3.00

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Classic Magic VHS Tapes - HUGE sale - $3.00

Postby Daryl » January 27th, 2017, 4:53 pm

Magic videos for sale.

We have a huge range of old-style VHS tapes we are letting go. Many classic titles, some unusual ones and some that have never been made available online or in DVD format.

Pick your favorites, watch and enjoy, or maybe convert to DVD yourself.

Please see the entire list by clicking this link to our web site:

Only $3.00 each!!!
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Re: Classic Magic VHS Tapes - HUGE sale - $3.00

Postby qkeli » January 28th, 2017, 5:32 am

Hi Daryl,

Happy new year !!
My name's Kéli and i'm from France.
I'm interested in getting at least 2 videos from Gary Kurtz in Japan.
Hiw much would you charge shipping please ?

Heres my address
Kéli Quertinmont
39 avenue hoche
92000 Nanterre

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Steve Mills
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Re: Classic Magic VHS Tapes - HUGE sale - $3.00

Postby Steve Mills » January 28th, 2017, 1:39 pm

I was recently converting some tapes when my VCR crapped out. I picked up a couple at the local Goodwill for 2.95 each - including remote. Not sure they had ever been used.

Attached an analog/digital converter and finished the job.

I did take the time to create menus and chapters, but that's just me.

Thought others might be interested.
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Re: Classic Magic VHS Tapes - HUGE sale - $3.00

Postby kkaiser343 » February 11th, 2017, 10:40 pm

interested in VHS tapes.. cant find list on site.. please contact me

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