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Psychic DVD Courses

Postby performer » December 22nd, 2016, 10:11 pm

Since I have been very active lately giving away free information on how to be psychic and connect with your higher self it occurs to me that it might be a good idea to see if I can get any money out of you although I suspect it is a forlorn hope and I have more chance of being struck by lightning.


I have TWO psychic courses! Let me take a deep breath and tell you all about them.

First we have the latest up to date psychic course which was first offered for sale in 2010.. It consists of two DVDs each of which are 2 hours in length. I was paid a fee to go to London, England to deliver some lectures on this subject and this course was put together from those lectures.

The first DVD consists of tuition in Palmistry, Chinese Numerology and a small segment on Psychometry. It is very comprehensive and the price is $40 Dollars.

The second DVD is entirely on the Tarot and I consider this to be the most powerful method of divination known to man. Again the cost is $40 dollars. Out of the kindness of my very generous heart I will include the shipping free within North America. I will even do the same if you live in the UK although you certainly don't deserve it.

Here are two excerpts from said courses:

I also sell a course which was put out in 1998. There is an old website on the internet advertising this material. The site is not owned by me. Under no circumstances should you order from this site since I have been led to believe it is now defunct and I cannot be responsible for any non-delivery of material ordered from that site. They advertise various books that are no longer available anyway. For some reason that website has not been taken down.

The course consists of 5 DVDs and one 90 minute CD (on two discs). The DVDs are one hour in length except for the Tarot DVD which is 90 minutes.
Volume One is on Chinese Numerology Price $50
Volume Two is on Palmistry. Price $50
Volume Three is on the Tarot. Price $50
Volume Four is called "Fireside Chat" and deals with the business side of being a psychic. Price $50
Volume Five is called "Psychic Dimensions" It consist of a one hour TV show where I am the featured guest and I do phone in readings and this in itself is educational. There is also included a 20 minute bonus section which has nothing to do with the psychic world. Here I demonstrate close up magic. It was filmed when I was much younger and had hair! Many of my customers are magicians so I included this as a point of interest for them.
Price $50.

If you want the whole caboodle INCLUDING the new 2010 London DVDs then the price would be $300 for everything instead of $330 thus saving you $30.

Shipping is free within North America and the UK. If you live elsewhere then contact me and we will work something out. I accept Paypal. My e-mail address for Paypal purposes is

In the meantime here is a review of my 1998 course which is the second one described above. This was on an online mentalism forum.

Review of the Course by Eric Haddix

Upon hearing Mark Lewis say that it'd take 6 months to digest all of what was on his tapes, I was a little sceptical but I didn't dismiss it immediately as the time I've known him, he's been very informative about many things in this field. I'm glad I didn't ignore his advice since it took about 6 months to take everything in and another couple months to be able to put all of it together into a review that I could write.

Mark begins his course with a very good primer on numerology, then palmistry and then followed by the tarot. The video on numerology, (60 mins), is the Chinese system of numerology and is excellent because it covers many of the basics that other courses forget about: what the basic personality types are and how they are used in a reading. This is considered the quickest type of reading and only takes five to ten minutes to do but to do these that quickly and with any degree of accuracy, you need to spend some time learning the system and Mark elaborates on it quite well.

Next, the palmistry video, (60 mins), teaches the very basics of reading palms. Mark does a fine job of explaining how this system works as well as the "other uses" of palmistry including its usefulness in information gathering. This is probably the system you will want to study the most because you have so much to gain by using it since palmistry is the most "romantic" of the reading systems and will likely be the most requested upon an initial meeting.

The final video tape of the teaching segment is on tarot readings, (90 mins). Mark outdoes himself by teaching things that not only make the reading good, but also simple for the average reader. He gives several tarot spreads and describes all of their uses as well as describing the different tarot decks available. This tape is full of hints that no other teacher has dared to even say exist.

There. Open your wallets and let the moths fly out!

Mark Lewis
Box 232
123 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 3M9

Phone (416) 927 7446

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