Card tricks....and a wallet to hold them!

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Card tricks....and a wallet to hold them!

Postby Pepka » November 18th, 2016, 4:59 am

Harry Robson's Hands Off Wallet- Probably the most elegant solution for a signed card in envelope in your wallet that is built into a normal hip pocket wallet. Uses Bonsalopes from Propdog, or just load into wallet without envelope. Includes wallet, DVD and 10 instant reset gimmicks. No envelopes provided, but they are pretty cheap from Propdog. Retails for $110, here $55 shipped CONUS.

Twizted and Triple Vision
Eric Jones does a lot of things well...create magic, look sharp, spell is not one of them. But, THIS is a VERY visual version of Twisting the Aces using a cool gimmick. This is a hand signed and numbered limited edition 138/150.
And Triple Vision by David Regal. A great trick where the spectator finds cards that match the ones missing from another deck. $30 for both shipped.

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