Science & Mechanics Magic Handbook

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Science & Mechanics Magic Handbook

Postby Rennie » November 28th, 2015, 12:01 pm

Very Rare, Collectible & Controversial

This magazine revealed many effects & Illusions. Getting rare now, still very collectible....
The Magic HandBook, published by Science and Mechanics and sold for 75 cents, claiming 100 Life-Of-The-Party Tricks caused a storm of protests from magicians for exposing many illusions to the public.

Softcover, Copyright 1961, 160 Pages

Science & Mechanics Publishing 1961.Manual shows the secrets to hundreds of tricks; includes blueprints for constructing many popular stage illusions. Many photos and diagrams. Nice ads, too! (including a full-page Vic Lawston ad). Includes: Magic black-Art Table, Color Cover by Bill Wadkins, Houdini Escapes, Table-top Stunts, How to Saw a Woman in Half, how to Present Your Own Magic Show, Card, Silk, Rope Tricks, 40 magic Projects to Build & Perform, Cabalistic Cube, 8 famous Stage Illusions, Egyptian Torture Cabinet, Magnetic Paper, A cake in a Hat, Chemical Magic, Ink into Water, Flying Handerchief, Oriental Magic, Upside Down Mystery, Floating Piano. Thurston's Spirit Cabinet, Million Dollar Mystery, Wrist Chopper, Card Found in a Balloon, Escape from a Packing Box, and many many more! Nice condition, Contains Generous Selection of Fascinating Magical Treats ,Intended as a Text for All Magicians Young & Old, Includes Famous Knife Box Illusion, Escapes Special Form Magic, Magical Appliances,

~~~Walter Gibson was responsible for most of the text and Sidney Radner, as one of the collaborators, was expelled from the Society of American Magicians for "exposure".~~~
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