FS: Invisible Thread - Copin and LeClair

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FS: Invisible Thread - Copin and LeClair

Postby Mark Jensen » June 7th, 2015, 1:14 am


If you are into Invisible Thread work or want to get into it I have exactly what you need:

Friend Vol 1 and Friend Vol 2 by Bruno Copin $170 ppd Conus

Each boxed set of Friend comes with a dvd and the props needed to perform the effects.

Bruno Copin is one of the best invisible thread workers in the world. I first came to know him by seeing his performance at the EMC. Then we met at the IBM/SAM combined last summer. Just ask anyone who was there - his thread work is awesome!!!
Here I have both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of Friend. Vol 1 has been opened and the dvd watched. Otherwise it is complete and in new condition (ie - never used). Vol 2 has never been opened.

Why am I selling this? I purchased this shortly before the combined convention last summer and just watched the Vol 1 dvd. I planned to start working on it after I got back from the convention. To my surprise and delight I found that Bruno had a booth in the dealer room and we became friends. At the end of the convention, Bruno gave me a set of Vol 1 & Vol 2 and some private lessons... so I now have an extra set.

The Art of Invisible Thread Book by Jon LeClair $45 ppd Conus

Mint Condition copy of this long OOP book. Includes Invisible Thread and Skin Colored Adhesive as issued.

Special Deal: Get both Friend Vol 1 & 2 AND The Art of Invisible Thread for only $200 ppd Conus

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Please email forums@jensenmagic.com for more info


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