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The Mechanics of Marvels - OOP

Posted: April 9th, 2015, 4:29 pm
by Mark Jensen
I am selling a copy of Chuck Romano's 2006 book, The Mechanics of Marvels.

Here is Chuck's description of this wonderful book:

Only 250 copies were printed (224 signed and numbered copies + 26 lettered copies). They sold out quickly and today they are hard to find. This is copy #214. The book is in MINT condition.

The book contains James C. Wobensmith's seminal work MAGIC PATENTS. In addition to Wobensmith's complete list of patents, I included 170 new patents-over 500 patents in all.

This 480 page, hardcover book (8-1/2" x 11") contains the complete drawings and text for 100 patents. A Foreword by Jim Steinmeyer is also included. Stage illusions, small apparatus and miscellaneous magic patents by some of magic's greatest thinkers are represented.


Please email me at: if interested.


Mark Jensen
317 Pine Top Drive
Murphy, Texas 75094

Re: The Mechanics of Marvels - OOP

Posted: September 20th, 2015, 12:27 pm
by Mark Jensen
Price Bump - now only $285 ppd Conus