First Edition Tannen Slydini Books "Excellent Condition"

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First Edition Tannen Slydini Books "Excellent Condition"

Postby RenzIII » February 19th, 2015, 6:57 pm

First Edition Tannen Slydini Books "Excellent Condition"

The Best of Slydini and More by Karl Fulves (2 Vol Set)

The first volume is 108 pages of text featuring a biography, basic precepts, easy routines and moves, basic moves, fundamental concepts of Slydini's magic, applying his concepts, more Slydini moves, the purse frame, two cigarette routines, Slydini's coin classics, Helicopter Card, Paper Balls Over the Head, Close Up Cigarette Production, new card moves, Paper Balls in the Box, and a bonus chapter on the Gypsy Thread, Glass of Water Production, and the SlydiniSwitch. The second volume is 126 pages of actual photographs showing each and every move taught in the first volume so you can follow along as you read and learn.

The Magical World of Slydini by Karl Fulves

Another great 2 volume hardbound set of books on the magic of Slydini. The first volume contains 101 pages of text and the second volume contains 176 pages of photographs so you can follow step by step in learning Slydini's magic. Ten chapters on some of Slydini's greatest routines including his Close-Up Miracles, Slydini on Rope Magic, Cards in Close Up, Torn & Restored Newspaper, More Slydini Coin Classics, The Coin Clip, Slydini’s Silk Knots, Slydini’s Sympathetic Silks Routine, Close Up Classics, and the complete Slydini Linking Ring Routine.

Both book sets are in excellent condition.
Best of Slydini is personally autographed by Slydini to Bob Orndorff on the front end paper, there are no other markings on any of the pages in either set.
These are rare First Edition Tannen Published.

225.00 both sets shipped US
Buyer will be invoiced via Square

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