Navigating the Collector's Marketplace Rules: FAQs

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Navigating the Collector's Marketplace Rules: FAQs

Postby Dustin Stinett » January 11th, 2015, 4:07 pm

I have had enough questions now that I think it would be helpful if I put up a sort of “FAQ” sheet. Hopefully it will help advertisers follow the rules and prevent having their ads deleted by yours truly. I believe that most of the rules are self-evident, such as having prices and your complete contact information posted. But I accept the fact that there is such a thing as “nuance.” So I will do my best to clarify things the way we see them.

How come some people don’t have to post their contact info?

There are a few exceptions to the contact info rule. These are folks who have contacted Richard or me and we allow them to use the Genii offices as their full contact. However, we do expect them to handle the transaction. NO ONE IN THE GENII OFFICE WILL BECOME INVOLVED WITH ANY AD FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL! These folks are usually “VIPs” and yes, we get to determine who they are. Yes, it is a subjective decision that is made case by case.

Can’t I just use a link to my website that has my contact on it?

No, a link to your website is not enough. If your contact is already on the web, then one more place will not hurt.

Is it okay to “disguise” my contact info?

Absolutely. Spell out phone numbers, use “[at]” instead of “@” in emails, et cetera, so that “bots” cannot mine your information.

I’m only posting my eBay auctions. Do I still need to post my contact information?

No. Only things being sold directly through the Genii Forum Marketplace require full contact information.

* * * *

Clearly, the most misunderstood rule is Number 5: “You MUST limit current sales and auctions with multiple items to a single post listing all items therein.”

I have a lot of old ads. What do I do?

The criteria we use is whether or not the ads appear on the FIRST PAGE (or “Front Page,” “Home Page,” etc.) of the Collector’s Marketplace Forum which can be seen HERE.

If you have an ad that appears anywhere on this page, you cannot post another ad until it drops off or is deleted by a moderator. (FYI: My system is set so that I see about 25 ads on that page.)

Will a moderator delete an ad for me?

Yes. Just ask me. (I’m currently alone in my duties—PLEASE DO NOT ASK RICHARD KAUFMAN TO DO THIS TASK!)

You can PM me or email me at Please include a link to the ad you want deleted. If you do not include a link, I will not delete anything because I will not go searching; I simply do not have that kind of time. Obviously the ad must belong to the member requesting that it be deleted. It may take a day or two for me to get to it, but I will do it and you will receive a short reply from me that says, “Done.”

What about really old ads; will you delete those?

No. Unless it appears on the first page, or perhaps early on the second, just ignore it; it is going away by itself. Frankly I do not have the time to go through and delete a bunch of old ads just “because.” The idea of me deleting ads is so you can get an old/finished ad off the front page so you can post a new one.

Is posting a “SOLD” reply to my ad a good idea?

Yes and no. It depends on the age of the ad. If you post such a reply, you “bump” the ad back to the top of the list and it will take some time to work its way down again, preventing you from posting a new ad. If it has made its way to the second page, forget about it! (And anyone who inquires, just tell them the item has sold.)

What if someone else posts a question to an old ad and I already have a new one up?

Oooo….good question. The good news is that this rarely happens. If it does, PM or email the answer to the member asking (versus answering via a posted reply) and then immediately contact me and let me know so that I can delete the ad (and so I’ll maintain your newest one).

Is a “Want” ad considered an “ad” that counts toward the “multiple ad” rule?

Yes. Any new topic/subject/thread in the Marketplace is counted as an “ad.”

What is “Piggybacking” an ad?

“Piggybacking” is using another member’s ad and placing YOUR similar item for sale on THEIR post/ad via the “Reply” function. That is strictly forbidden.

Can I “Piggyback” my own ads?

You can use your own ads just about any way you like. We have members who have ad threads with generic subjects and just add items via the Reply function. It prevents them from ever having multiple ads.

* * * *

Pricing is another issue that comes up, even though it seems clear: you MUST post a price.

What if I don’t know the value?

Do some research first using Google and other online sources. Come up with a price and post it.

Can I ask about value here?

Yes, but you must be very careful about how you go about it. If you create a post that even sort of appears to be an advertisement without a price, it will be deleted.

Can I use the phrase, “Or best offer”?

Yes, but we prefer that you don’t as that can turn into something that is too close to an auction with multiple individuals posting offers and that will not be allowed. We do not allow auctions to be run through the Marketplace (which should not be confused with posting ads for your eBay or other online auctions). Instead, try the phrase “price open to negotiation with a serious buyer.” THOSE NEGOTIATIONS MUST BE DONE VIA PM OR EMAIL AND NOT IN THE THREAD.

* * * *

There are a few other things that come up from time to time that are worth covering.

How many items can I put into an ad?

As many as you like. Each item must have a price and yes, you can include "combined prices" if you like.

Why won’t you issue a warning or email us to let us know that we have broken a rule?

Sometimes we will post a reply saying, “Please add your contact information” or something like that, but it doesn’t always result in a proper response. So now even more time is wasted awaiting a reply. And that is the key: TIME. We simply do not have that kind of time. We need the people who use this FREE service to police themselves. It is not a lot to ask. The rules are clear and, I hope, have been made clearer with this FAQ.

In my experience—and we have been doing this for many years—those who break the rules do so out of a combination of ignorance and—dare I say it—arrogance. They do not read the rules which cannot be missed since there are big bold words that read, “PLEASE READ THIS Before Placing a Marketplace Ad.” That’s the ignorance. The arrogance comes in when longtime members “forget” and think, because they are longtime members, the rules can be fudged. The rules cannot and will not be fudged.

Sometimes I see magic shops place ads here; that doesn’t seem right.

It’s not, in the strictest sense of the word. Banner ads here on the Forum are very reasonably priced (please contact the Genii Offices for details). However, sometimes there are shop owners who are selling personal items here and these should not be confused with a commercial ad, even though they list their shop as the contact.

I have a new trick or book out, can I mention it here?

Try not to use the Marketplace for such things. Use “Buzz” or another Forum to talk about your new items. But you really should also consider taking out an ad in Genii or here in a banner ad. It’s the right thing to do when it comes to commercial enterprises. Again, please contact the Genii offices for details.

I have a show and/or a lecture coming up. Can I advertise it here?

We love to hear about your shows and lectures, but the Collector’s Marketplace is not the place to post them. “Buzz” is far more appropriate for these types of announcements.

The bottom line of the Collector’s Marketplace is that it is a “personal ads” section and should be used as such. If you are a commercial enterprise, act like one—a responsible one that is.

I am very happy to say that the vast majority of members do a great job of following the rules. Again, this is a great service provided by Richard Kaufman, and one that he does not have to offer. Treat this service the way you would expect to have yours treated if you were doing such a thing. It’s not too much to ask.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Dustin Stinett
Genii Forum Moderator

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