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Posted: September 24th, 2012, 5:06 pm
by Rennie
NY, Louis Tannen, Inc. 1976. Two volume hardcover set, first is text (108 pgs), second is photographs (126 pgs). Several b&w plates throughout text volume. Pebbled black cloth, gold lettering. Over 900 photographs.

Includes: biography, cigarettes, coins, cards, paper balls over the head, fundamental concepts, paper balls in the box, helicopter card, purse frame, and much more.

This work is better known under the title THE BEST OF Slydini ...and MORE because Supreme Magic Company objected to the use of the phrase "MAGIC OF Slydini" in the original title since they already owned the rights to a Harry Stanley publication bearing that title.
Supreme Magic threatened suit if the title was not changed. Tannens attempted to recall most of the copies.
So Louis Tannen had most of the copies scrapped and the book was re-issued with a new title page and re-bound with the hastily conceived title , The Best of SlydiniAnd More. Consequently, only around 125 copies survived as "The Magic of Slydini...And More". A truly beautiful set. Out of print. It is unknown precisely the number of copies which escaped being recalled.
This is an extremely rare set of books. If a collector,buy them while they are available.
SHIPPED IN THE U.S. - $150.00

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