FSH - A few Magic Medallions/Coins

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FSH - A few Magic Medallions/Coins

Postby Eric Rose » September 29th, 2011, 2:28 pm

Just found a box with some collectible medallions/coins in them. I don't have Kuethe numbers or anything of the ilk, so hopefully the descriptions will suffice:

1. SAM 100th Anniversary Jay Marshall Bronze $10
2. SAM 100th Anniversary Jay Marshall Goldtone $20
3. Jay Marshall "One Necromatic Coin - IMC" - chromed - slightly larger than a quarter - stylized Jay profile on face, magician pulling rabbit out of hat on obverse. Profile of Jay makes me think this is circa late 50s to 1960s. Looks good. $20
4. Jay Marshall Porcelain Medallion (Pseudo poker chip?) - drawing of Jay and Lefty in color printed on face with words "One of the Better Cheaper Acts", "Chicago 1994" with skyline in color on obverse. Approximately half dollar size. $20
5. Bill Goldman Porcelain Medallion (Pseudo Poker Chip?) - drawing of Bill Goldman in Applause Cue pose in color with words "Bill Goldman - Incredible Magic - Legitimate Deception" on face, name and number and color picture of royal flush in spades on obverse. Approximately half dollar size. $15
6. Thurston Commemorative Medallion - Half dollar size. Thurston on face with words "Pre-eminent performer in the magical arts", Dates 1869 and 1936, and name "Howard Thurston". Obverse shows side view of Thurston performing the Floating ball and East Indian Rope Trick with inscription above "National President Society of American Magicians 1927-1929" Some tarnish/patina on this one. $15

All coins are in protective clear hard cases. SAM Marshall coins come in gift boxes as well.

Shipping $5 priority mail anywhere in U.S. International buyers pay appropriate shipping from U.S. Paypal only.

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paypal: errose@ymail.com

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