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FS Books

Postby ZachLambert529 » November 15th, 2010, 2:54 pm

Tamariz TPC notes (authored by Jim Krenz) $40
Expert Card Technique 3rd edition $50
Dai Vernon Essential (New in Shrinkwrap) $95
Square by Patrick Redford (New in Wrapping) $35
Secrets of Bro John Hamman (New in Shrinkwrap) $35
Rene Lavand Mysteries of My Life (New in Shrinkwrap) $35
Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler $50
2 Erdnase Bible Editions (New in wrappers) $10 each

Prices are post paid within the USA, for international orders, please message me for a quote on international postage. All orders will receive a free deck of cards.

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