Castle Swap Meet - - Items for Sale

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Joe S.
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Castle Swap Meet - - Items for Sale

Postby Joe S. » October 6th, 2010, 7:06 pm

Here are a few of the items I will be offering for sale at the Magic Castle Swap Meet this Saturday (October 9, 2010):

1. Hamilton Card Duck (Jo-Anne) - mint condition. Swap meet price: $160

2. Hearsum Mini Card Duck mint condition. Scarce. Sells for up to $200 at auction. Swap Meet price: $80

3. Magic Magazine (Stan Allen) - complete file. Includes 230 loose issues, nearly all in excellent condition. Swap Meet price: $280 (approximately $1.21 per issue), which is a bargain.

4. Genii Magazine (Richard Kaufman) - complete file. Includes 866 issues. Since Genii is now on vol. 73, and 10 issues in that volume have been published thus far this year, one might expect there would be 874 issues (i.e., 72 x 12 plus 10) instead of 866. However, vol. 28 nos. 1 and 2 were combined by Bill Larsen into a joint issue and vol. 61 only contains 5 issues. Vol. 61 was the last volume published by Larsen before Kaufman took over, and evidently Larsen only published five issues in that volume. Kaufman started fresh with vol. 62 no. 1. In my file, vols. 1 through 6, 14 through 17, and 21 and 22 are bound in black. All other issues are loose and in very good to excellent condition. You can fill in your collection or decorate your magic shop with this file or perhaps resell it for a profit. (Because of the bulk involved, I dont plan to bring this file to the swap meet unless contacted in advance by a serious buyer. Perhaps delivery or pick-up can be arranged.) Swap Meet price: $1050 (approximately $1.21 per issue), which is a very low price for a file of this quality.

I will have many other magic items for sale at the Swap Meet. My table will be in the Castle basement in the Peller area (near the library and Fields bar). Cash or cashiers check only.


Joe S.

The Magic Apple
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Re: Castle Swap Meet - - Items for Sale

Postby The Magic Apple » October 7th, 2010, 10:45 am

The Swap Meet is great! You dont have to be a member to get in and there is NO DRESS CODE! This Saturday 9am

Come on down, The Magic Apple will be there with a few things on sale too!
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JP Jackson
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Re: Castle Swap Meet - - Items for Sale

Postby JP Jackson » October 7th, 2010, 3:10 pm

Joe - Hold the Hearsum Mini Duck for me pls. I will be there as usual - and
would appreciate a call today to talk about the Geniis. Thanks, 858 569 0096

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