Question: prices for Houdini, early Weber items?

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Question: prices for Houdini, early Weber items?

Postby castawaydave » August 17th, 2010, 3:34 am

Hoping this is the proper place to ask If anyone can help estimate reasonable values/prices for the items below. Any and all guidance would be greatly appreciated.*

Three early Michael Weber items:

--1st lecture notes: "The Penngrove Connection" (1983); printed on red paper to thwart the xerox machines of the day

--"Stamp Out Card Tricks"; includes signed instruction sheet and custom rubber stamp

--"Open & Shut Case"; includes signed, red instruction sheet, and like-new zippered leather coin purse, mini padlock & key.

One copy of the front page of the Washington, D.C. "Sunday Star" comic section dated Sunday, October 10th, 1926.
16 x 21.5".
The entire full-color page is dedicated to a 12-panel "Mutt and Jeff" cartoon called "A Very Clever Bit of Magic", in which Jeff receives a phone call from Harry Houdini.

Jeff says, "Houdini? Listen Houd: I've perfected that trick and my price for it is fifty dollars. What's that? You'll give me forty five? Nix! I'll split the difference with you! Fine Harry: Sold for $47.50!"

Mutt cannot believe Jeff has sold the world's greatest trick to Houdini, so Jeff says, "I'll just show you!" Jeff instantly transports Mutt out of his clothes, and under the sofa across the room.

From the empty pants now standing on their own, Jeff produces a puppy; then makes flowers bloom, and smoke billow forth from the legs. Suddenly Mutt is back in his clothes. Just as suddenly Mutt is in a flour sack, and his clothes are bundled in Jeff's arms.

The last panel shows Jeff leaving an incredulous Mutt in his flour sack, with the parting line, "Ta ta, Mutt! I'm gonna see how much the old-clothes man will give me for this stuff! Tee hee!"

This is in quite good shape, and note the date: 3 weeks to the day before Houdini's death.

*I can email photos of items via iPhone.

Many thanks for any information,

David A. Cox

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