DVDs for Sale/Trade

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DVDs for Sale/Trade

Postby ZachLambert529 » November 10th, 2009, 8:39 am

Cleaning some stuff out.. All of these DVDs have either been watched once, or are in EXCELLENT condition.

Simon Lovell Gambling Moves with Cards ( 3 disc set) $30.00 (retails for 60.00)
Witness DVD by Lee Asher 10.00 ( retails for 20 or 25)
Art of Card Splitting $10.00 (retails for 22.00)
Surfaced by Chad Nelson $25.00 (signed by chad, retails for 40.00)
John Bannon imposibilia $18.00 (retails for 35.00)
Smoke and Mirrors John Bannon $18.00 (retails for 35.00)
Reel Magic issue 11/june 2009 $5.00
Ultimate card through window by Eric James $5.00
Sealed Witness Lee Asher dvd from theory11 aka Deuce Bag $12.00

If interested, please post here or PM me.

I am open to all trading offers as well..


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