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Voodoo doll by John Kennedy/Steve Spill

Posted: November 4th, 2009, 5:07 pm
by Rafael
Voodoo doll by John Kennedy/Steve Spill

Long unavailable and produced in very limited supply this is truly a unique performance piece that rarely comes up for sale.

A truly bizarre and ultra rare illusion that you will enjoy performing for many years. Everyone who has seen it performed, magician and layman alike!


The magician draws a simple face on an artist's sketch pad and places it in full view of his audience. He stands away from the picture and, holding a large voodoo doll, lights a cigarette lighter under one of the doll's eyes. At that moment one of the eyes in the picture bursts into flame! He walks over, blows out the flame, then stands back and sticks a knife in the doll's other eye. The other eye in the picture begins to bleed! Finally, he cuts the doll's nose and the nose in the picture drops right off the face! The magician tears the picture from the sketch pad and gives it away as a souvenir for a kicker finale!

This miniature illusion/comedy/bizarre interlude comes complete with everything you need to perform including:

Specially constructed sketch pad that houses all the necessary working electromechanical parts used to create the different special effects.
Special transmitter and receiver (the transmitter and receiver have a range of fifty feet or more, and are specially coded to eliminate any interference from other electronic devices).
Voodoo doll
Stage blood
Black tape
Black marker
"Re-stickable" glue stick
3 black noses
Wooden matches
Petroleum jelly
Blood tube with caps
Detailed manuscript
ATA case

Price $ 1650 + shipping from Las Vegas

Re: Voodoo doll by John Kennedy/Steve Spill

Posted: November 4th, 2009, 5:42 pm
by Rafael
OOPS forgot to include my contact info!

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