$5 Bargains: Doc Eason, Larry Becker, Gregory Wilson

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$5 Bargains: Doc Eason, Larry Becker, Gregory Wilson

Postby Ted M » September 30th, 2009, 5:59 pm

VHS, 5 bucks each. Tape is out of fashion, so these are mighty bargains if your VCR still works!

Doc Eason's Bar Magic, vols 1-3: Possibly my favorite magic performance videos. I've screened the performance sections for friends! Then Doc teaches all the tricks. Great vids. Sold as a set.

Vol 1: Peeked Card Under Glass, Repeated selection of a card, Doc's Ambitious Card routine, Triumph, 3-Card Monte, Multiple Selection Of 20 Cards.
Vol 2: Routines include: Happy Birthday Trick, Doc's Poker Demo, Kerry Pollack's Stan, Kate and Edith, Frank Everhart's Classic Sam the Bellhop, Steve Spill's Bill in the Lemon.
Vol 3: All Screwed Up, Impossible Opener, The Color-Changing Deck, Anniversary Waltz, Max Maven's Tearable, The Cocktail Napkin Rose, Copper/Silver/Brass Transposition, J.C. Wagner's Card on the Ceiling, Larry West's Bill Counting Trick.

Larry Becker Video #1: Standing Ovation!
Effects: Tri-Coinetic, Visual Aid, Phantasm Supreme, Here There & Everywhere, Some Total (Stage), Russian Roulette (performance).

Larry Becker Video #2: Mental Masterpieces!
Effects: HG Wells' Time Machine, Casino Royale, Clearly Predictable, Out-of-Body, Kolossal Killer III, Calendar Caper & A Cut Above, Ultimate Flashback (performance).

Gregory Wilson: Double Take
- Full tutorial on the Double Lift. Then apply it with Phoenix Aces, Jumping Gemini, Ambitious Card and four more effects.

- $5 each.
- Doc Eason 1-3 sold as a set.
- Shipping is $2 TOTAL.
- Check, money order or paypal.

Ted McManus
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