Genuine Liquor Promotional Magic Items for Sale

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Genuine Liquor Promotional Magic Items for Sale

Postby magicbar » March 18th, 2009, 3:12 pm

As you can probably tell from my screen ID I like bar magic. On eBay starting tonight (one is 5-day another is 7-day auction) I am selling 2 lots of liquor promo items.

First is a group of Budweiser magic items. It is a complete set of Official Bud Magic Program items plus more related items I also acquired making this a one of a kind collection for people into promotional/corporate magic and liquor ephemera.

You get Official Rick Gerber stationary containing instructions, 2-card monte, 3 card monte, a paddle effect using beer bottle caps, a coin in nest of bottle caps effect, a Bud-themed Snapper! effect and a deck of Budweiser playing cards. Price $8 to start.

2nd: Two rare vintage/antiquarian items. One is an optical illusion of which curved piece is large with a Johnny Rebb liquor ad on each piece and the second item is the old 'piece together the 4 odd pieces to make a square puzzle' from the makers of legendary American Whiskies. Again a great example of how magic and advertising co-exist. again $8 to start.

find them both starting tonight Wednesday 3/18 at about 7pm. Look under my seller name: Magicbar1. I listed them in the Collectibles section under Barware: guides, recipes, games.

Minimal shipping costs.

Steve Jaffe
PO Box 4705
West Hills, Ca 91308

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