Harris/Miracle Factory Sharpe/Fechter/ plus more

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Harris/Miracle Factory Sharpe/Fechter/ plus more

Postby magicbar » February 2nd, 2009, 1:56 pm

I have listed on ebay under seller magicbar1 some books starting as low as 99 cents they end this Saturday

Neo-Magic Artistry, SH Sharpe, Miracle Factory $49
Fechter plus Magician Nitely - Mentzer - $29
Art of Astonishment books 1-3 Harris/Mead .99 (gets your attention right?)

Each of these books were purchased and stored very well and look as good as you would find them in a magic shop sans shrinkwrap. I had the good sense to buy them and gently viewed them as I used these guys' previous works to learn the material. Each has their DJs and look spectacular. No reserve on 2 and the Harris ones have a fair reserve. If you are quick I have some DVDs ending this evening too.

s. jaffe
po box 4705
west hills ca

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