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Books, Lecture Notes, Videos and DVDs

Postby Doc Rogers » November 3rd, 2008, 10:49 am

Recently a member of my IBM Ring 122 has generously donated magic apparatus, books and DVDs to be sold with the proceeds to benefit Ring 122.
The list of paper items, DVDs and videos with prices is below.

I will accept checks, money orders and PayPal.

Shipping is free on purchases over $30.

If you have any questions please email me.

Steve Rogers
86 Lafayette Pk
Lynn MA 01902

HB hard bound
L lecture notes
V video tape

Slydini Best of and more 1976 hb 2 vol 1974, some water wrinking of vol 2 45

Page Topit Handbook paper 10

Ammar Crazy Man's handcuffs paper 5

Bavli Art of Metal Bending paper 8

Bedwell In Over Your Head paper 10

Bernstein On Number Predictions paper 10

Boudreau Skullduggery signed paper 35

Britland Card Kinetics paper 8

Brooke A lifetime of joy 1982 paper 10

Buff Knot on the Square 1987 paper 10

Burling Hull Impromptu Cigarette Routine paper 5

Chesbro Tricks You Can count on Tricks w Elmsley Count 8

Close Workers 1 comb 8

Close Workers 2 comb 8

Dean Voice of the Prophet paper 10

Dexter Sealed Vision 1989 Blindfold methods paper 20

Duscheck Thumb Tip 1st 1991 hb 15

Dusheck The Dusheck Vest instruction sheets 5

Fleischman Sid Between Cocktails paper 5

Golde, Roger Bangled 1st paper 3

Govan Ring Link 1996 paper 10

Harris, Paul The Act paper 15

Haydn Street Magic 2001 spiral 20

Haydn Mongolian pop knot paper 15

Heldman Cards that mean business paper 10

Hierling New WaveCLose-up IN GERMAN 1987 HB 25

Hull Hahne Smart Magic paper 10

Kalver HimberRing Magic paper 15

Ken Brooke Malini Egg Bag paper 6

Kenner Out of Control HB 45

King Dollarama paper 5

King Five-Star Magic 1996 paper 10

Kranzo Thats Amore signed paper 8

Lenier Sleightly Magical paper 5

Lesley Entertaining Mentalism paper 10

Long Lost Cheesy Notebooks 1 and 2 paper 20

Lovell The Bermuda Trio paper 7

Mardo Routined Magic paper 5

Mark Mindbending Magic 1979 paper 10

Marlo Lets See the Deck paper 3

Marlo Off the top 1945 paper 5

McComb Professional Touch 1987 perfect 35

Miller Relentless Ring and String paper 15

Nosek Sigmund Fraud 1984 paper 20

Nudelman MasterMoney Magic signed paper 20

Ouellet Top of the Heap paper 5

Ouellet Threshold paper 12

Patry Diversion Rope Routine paper 5

Phantini Mental Key paper 15

Powell Miracles w a Card Marker paper 5

Rogers Terry Word of Mind 1986 paper 10

Rogers, Mike The unconquered card paper 8

Rosenthal Melt-thru 1978 1st paper 15

Samelson Theatrical Close-up 1st oop paper 35

Sankey Acer Crossroads paper 8

Schulien Magic Of comb 25

Secret of Electric Chairs paper 5

Steinmeyer Reminding& Receiving paper 15

Thomas Garrett Variations paper 10

Weigle The Money Magic of Mike Bornstein paper 8

Weir Twilight Deck paper 2

Bermuda Wrecktangle paper 5

Klam Rig up the Ropes paper 5

L Anderson Tricks for Part-Time Pro 7

L Lovell Lecture 1995 5

L Ali Bongo 1996 5

L Cresey Lecture Notes 5

L Daryl New Millenium World Tour 5

L Fayne Australian Lecture 2 5

L Fayne Something Old Something New 5

L Fox Lecture Notes 1992 5

L Francis Carlyle Lecture Notes 5

L Hayden Number 2 1978 5

L Bob King Classic Stand-up Close-up 5

L Bob King Private Notes 5

L Bob King Private Notes 5

L Kranzo Heat in The Desert 5

L Kuffs 2000 Lecture notes 5

L Livera Italian Dressing 5

L Lovell Card Tricks can be fun 5

L Mac King Lecture Notes 5

L McBride Magician 24/7 5

L Nagler Lecture Notes 5

L Ogden Children of All Ages 5

L Roger Klause Notes 1981 5

L Sankey Sankeydelic Magic 2007 5

L Stan Allen Inside 5

L Stone Secrets of Table Hopping 5

L Tabary Lecture 5

L Tong Lecture Notes 5

Martin Breese Catalog 14

DVA Einhorn Spooked orig 100 w gimmicks 50

DVD Chevrie Captured V2 10

DVD Clark Bottle Thru Body 10

DVD Dancing Napkin 10

DVD Leveridge Master Routines double 10

DVD Page Rope Paper Magic 8

DVD Page Sponge Balls 8

DVD Sanders SlowBurn 15

DVD Worlds Greatest Sponge Balls 8

V Acer Extreme Closeup 5

V Anders The Direct Link 5

V Andrews No Jacket Required 5

V Becker Mental Masterpieces 5

V Columbini Mama Mia rope Trick 5

V Cornelius Creative Magic 5

V Doc Eason Rocky Mountain Magic 5

V Eugene Goes Bizarre 5

V Falkenstein Willard #1 5

V FalkenStein Willard #2 5

V Fearson The Thread Head 5

V Garrett Cabaret Connivery 5

V Harlan Ult Impromptu #2 5

V Harlan Ult Impromptu #3 5

V JC Wagner #2 5

V Kuffs Metal Bending 5

V Kuffs Metal Bending 5

V Laflin The Linking Ropes 5

V Leveridge Master Routines #1 5

V Marotta Comedy V 1 5

V Marotta Comedy V 2 5

V Marotta Comedy V 3 5

V Maynard Lite Flite 5

V Mullica Expert Imp Magic 16 5

V Mullica Expert Imp Magic 17 5

V Rocco D'lite 5

V Sanders Close Up Assassin 5

V Sanders Visi-Bill 10

V Sankey Nonstop Magic Party 5

V Smith The Poof Ball 5

V Sorcery Shop 5

V The McClintock Twist 10

V Tomsoni Magic Made Easy 5

V Tyler Pockets Full of Miracles 10

V Wilson Ring Leader 10

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