various items for sale, books vhs, dvd, tricks

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various items for sale, books vhs, dvd, tricks

Postby totallytony » August 21st, 2008, 2:14 pm

Roger's Real Gone Aces.--$15 It comes with a booklet that explains the routine and a VHS video (performance only) so you can see how the routine should look.

3rd Degree Burn, DVD, Booklet, bonus booklet, and Gimmick by Jason Palter--$50

Inner Sanctum of Card Magic by Roger Crosthwaite. SIX VOLUME VHS set $80. All tapes are in excellent condition.

Coin One DVD by Homer Liwag--$20

The Ninja Rings DVD by Shoot Ogawa--$20

DVD's are in excellent cond. and in original packaging

Pickpocketing resources
Cutting up Touches by David Avadon--$20

Whiz Mob by David Maurer--$25

paypal only

buyer pays shipping

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Tony Invergo
525 W Roosevelt St
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