Deal of No Deal - False Deal Convention

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Mark Tams
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Deal of No Deal - False Deal Convention

Postby Mark Tams » April 17th, 2008, 8:27 am

Each year, The Second Deal puts on a card only convention. This year was a little different and was titled "The False Deal". At each convention, the participants are provided a book from contributors as part of their registrations. There are only 150 printed and when they're gone, they're gone.

I have a few left over and they are now for sale to the open arena at a cost of $15 postpaid in US, $17 postpaid foreign. If you are interested, email me at: or transfer the appropriate funds at Paypal to: ... ntents.jpg

I believe there is a good cross section of material in this year's book . . . knuckle busting, subtle, simple, hard and inbetween.

[*]Allan Ackerman provides a stunning vanish of a selected card amongst 2 sandwich cards and a very impressive reappearance. (I must say, he performed this many times at the convention and fooled many). It is without a doubt, impressive construction in method and psychology.
[*]Brett Bishop provides a unique way to obtain a duplicate signature from a spectator right under their noses.
[*]Jason Dean takes the Convincing Control and presents new methods to do it on the table. There are 2 unique methods for Tabling The Convincing Control along with several variations.
[*]John "G" offers a nice piece based on Doc Daley's Last Trick. Two of the cards are cleanly shown and placed in the card box, yet the 4 cards transpose. Great construction and was well received at the convention.
[*]Mark Aspiazu always finds a way to fool the magicians. In his Key Card Control, magicians are fooled badly because they are taken down the garden path. I've shown this to several magicians and they have no idea what you're doing when you do it. A great magician fooler yet can be used on laymen as well.
[*]I offer a technicolor version of The Smiling Mule called LMAO. It does not have a cull in the process and offers a unique way to obtain the target card.
[*]Peter Duffie provides a thought stunner on the control of a card using a unique dealing procedure. Knuckles are required for this effect.
[*]Tyler Wilson . . . well, do I need to say anymore. Without a doubt, entertaining reading as we have all come to expect from Tyler. He focuses his attention on completing Ed Marlo's Incomplete Faro Control. You'll love how he completes it.
[*]Cody Fisher offers a very nice rendition of Ed Marlo's Real Gone Aces. Unique moves that are easily accomplished and a real fooler. This makes a GREAT follow-up to any Assembly routine.
[*]Steve Reynolds never ceases to amaze me how he can approach certain effects. Steve put his touches on a Triumph routine. After you read this, you will definitely say, "why didn't I think of that?"
[*]Ah, to have the chops that Scotty Johnston has! He has taken some hard core sleight of hand and applied it to the Universal Card plot. This is a nice piece of beautiful magic! Also, Scotty did the illustrations for the book and did a SUPERB job. You will enjoy his illustrations that accompany the text.
[*]John Luka took a difficult Darwin Ortiz effect, applied a nice move and simplified a great effect in Luka Meets Mr. Lucky.
[*]Have you ever run through an effect in a book and have it fool you. Well, "Rachy's" effect will fool you everytime you do it. It is a wonderful gambling demonstration that just really shouldn't work . . . but it does everytime!
[*]Mike Powers offers a different force of a card and some thoughts on the road this force can lead you. There are opportunities with this force left to explore.
[*]Jeff Pierce provides an audience piece based on Vernon's Variant with a multiple climax at the end.
[*]If you haven't seen Aaron DeLong's touches and approach to the LePaul Spread Pass, you are without a doubt missing out. His touches, which are terrific, are documented here along with a nice tranformation of a selected card.
[*]Most readers come to expect hardcore card handling in these books. Yet, when you speak of Tony Miller, you think of a detour from the norm. Tony approaches the card stab in a method that would definitely fool you.
[*]Finally, Troy Hooser makes an appearance in a control called sdrawkcaB-ssA. This is a unique way to control a card by having the spectator simply name a card from the middle of the deck. There are also variations that are applied to this

Sam Kesler
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Re: Deal of No Deal - False Deal Convention

Postby Sam Kesler » April 20th, 2008, 9:40 pm

Mark, got the notes on Saturday. Thanks for the super fast delivery. The card material is excellent. Thanks for giving those who were unable to attend the convention, a chance to enjoy these notes.


Mark Tams
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Re: Deal of No Deal - False Deal Convention

Postby Mark Tams » April 21st, 2008, 10:53 am

I still have a few of these books left. If you are interested, be sure to email me at: prior to sending payment to verify availability. Thanks!

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