Vintage Magic Books For Sale

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Mike Kelly
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Vintage Magic Books For Sale

Postby Mike Kelly » November 6th, 2003, 4:41 am

I have a number of vintage magic books for sale. They are only available as a single lot until noon Sunday November 9 th. Asking price for all the books is $700 plus actual postage/insurance. If no takers as a single lot, I will split them up and sell them individually. The asking price for single titles can be found at the end of each brief description. The single title price does not include postage/insurance which will depend upon how many books you want and were they are going but you will only pay the actual cost of getting them to you. If you would like me to email you an image, and/or a more detailed description, of a book(s) please let me know. If you are only interested in certain titles feel free to let me know now which ones you want and Ill start a list. The first one to reserve a title gets it unless I sell the entire lot to a single buyer by Sunday. Here is what I have with a real brief description (except for the description of Handcuff Secrets the rarest of the bunch):

- Stage Conjuring (Routledge), 1880s, nice condition. ($125)
- Magician's Tricks Hatton and Plate, 1st edition 1910, nice condition. ($50)
- Secret Out, date looks like 1859, book has been professionally rebound and original cloth covers reapplied, not the greatest job but a nice reader copy. ($45)
- Magicians Own Book, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1857, very nice condition. ($50)
- Our Magic, E.P. Dutton, 1911, very nice condition. ($65)
- Fifty Years In The Magic Circle, 1871, fair condition, some signatures loose (still attached but loose.) ($65)
- More Magic, Routeledge, 1890, this is the one that has the covers with the beveled edges, fair condition. ($50)
- Later Magic E.P. Dutton, 1925, very nice condition. ($45)
- Thayer catalog #7, very nice condition. ($40)
- The Art of Modern Conjuring by Henri Greene, Ward Lock, very nice book. ($85)
- King of Conjurers, Alta edition, 1859, cover is in very nice condition; pages are a bit brittle. ($35)
- Handcuff Secrets by Houdini, 1910 (the original edition). It is in pretty good shape compared to most copies of the original book I have seen. I have only seen a few of these come on the market in many years and the original edition is quite rare in any condition. The copy I have for sale is the hardboard edition. The flaw with the book is someone had it covered with brown paper a long time ago. The brown paper was professionally applied. Smeone has suggestee that perhaps the brown paper was applied to keep it from being destroyed when the book was banned in Europe after it first came out. I don't know for sure but it makes for an interesting story if nothing else. You might be able to remove the brown paper but I was too scared to try. I would guess the covers underneath would be in pretty pristine condition. The spine is visible and in pretty good shape - the brown paper that was over the spine is mostly gone. The book has an acid free dust jacket that was made using images of original covers and spine to give it the feel and look of the book without the flaw. This book without the flaw goes in the $650 plus range. Ive adjusted my asking price accordingly. ($350)

Please email me with any questions...Thanks for looking...Mike

Mike Kelly
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Re: Vintage Magic Books For Sale

Postby Mike Kelly » November 8th, 2003, 2:07 pm

The books have been sold...thanks for looking.


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