Inscribed Tarbell One

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Richard Hatch
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Inscribed Tarbell One

Postby Richard Hatch » January 30th, 2004, 9:01 pm

Just posted a nice inscribed copy of Tarbell One on ebay. As usual, no reserve, starting price of just $1. His inscription includes a nice illustration by him of the Indian Rope Trick. Here's the link: ... 2222075881
I put up a few other oddball titles earlier this week (that expire soon!). These include a copy of MOE'S MIRACLES that apparently neither Jeff Busby nor Howard Lyons nor Bill Miesel had at the time their book on Moe came out (since the black and white illustration of it in their book credits the copy to Frank Csuri rather than one of them), a Dream book of Alexander, the Man who Knows, and a dual biography of Houdini and Walt Disney! Here's a link to all our current ebay listings: ... =3&rows=50
Good luck!

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Re: Inscribed Tarbell One

Postby Luke » January 31st, 2004, 9:58 am

By coincidence, I also listed an inscribed volume (#4) of Tarbell on E-Bay this past week. It was inscribed to Orla Moody in 1946, shortly after the Tannen version was published. It can be seen at: ... gory=14013

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