In Memory of Dorothy Parker Book Sale

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In Memory of Dorothy Parker Book Sale

Postby John Kokot » August 15th, 2007, 9:24 am

Dorothy Parker, in one of her scathing theater reviews, once described Katherine Hepburn as an actress who runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. To somewhat parallel Parkers comment, the publications being offered for sale here are all authored by writers whose last names begin the letter A or B.

Unless otherwise noted, all are softbound (paperback) first editions in new-to-excellent condition.

Alan, Don. Professional Presentation of the Chop Cup. An 8-page manuscript that has been creased. $3.

Albenice. Reel Magic. $5

Alexander, Jorg. S.A.M. Lecture Notes. $25.

Allen, Ken. T.I.P.S. Writing in margins. $3.

Allerton, Bert. The Close-Up Magician. Fourth Printing. $9.

Ammar, Michael. The Command Performance: Premier Issue. $12.

Ammar, Michael. The Command Performance: Encore I (Issue Two). $12.

Amar, Michael. Encore II. $12.

Anderson, George B. Magic Digest: Fun for Everyone. Faded. $20.

Andrews, Carl. Making a Living in Magic Performing at Restaurants and Hotels. $14.

Andrews, Val. The Val Andres Unfaked Book Test. Unnumbered later edition. $5.

Andrus, Jerry. Andrus Deals You In. Second Edition. $40.

Andrus, Jerry. Safety Pin-Trix. Autographed unnumbered later edition. $20.

Ascanio, Arturo de. About the Handling of Double Cards (1981). $20.

Ascanio, Arturo de. The Psychology of Palming. (1982). $20.

Bailey, Michael. The Magic Business. $125.

Baker, Ken. 21 Himber Wallet Routines. $3

Barnhart, Russell. Gamblers of Yesteryear. $15.

Bauer, Ron. Don Alans Devano Card Rise. $10.

Baumann, Fred. Milestone in Coin Magic. $8

Becker, Larry. Stunners: The Mental Magic of Larry Becker. This is the 1996 softbound edition. It is not Stunners Plus. $100.

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors periodical edited by David London. Twelve Issues (1-12) $60.

Behnke, Leo. Magic City Library of Magic., Volume 8 Bill Tube. Free with first $50 order.

Behnke, Leo. Thread Reference. Free with second $50 order.

Bennett, Horace. Bennetts Best. $8.

Bennett, Horace. Bennetts Fourth Book. $8

Bennett, Horace. Downs Palm Technique. $8

Berland, Samuel. The Magic of Sam Berland. $25.

Bilis, Bernard. French Pasteboards. $25

Bloom, Gaeten. Gaeten Bloom 86. Second edition. $10.

Bloom, Gaeten. Gaeten Bloom Series No. 1. $10.

Bourgoin, Stephane. Kuffs Stuff: Lecture Notes 2001. $3

Britland, David. Angel Card Rise and Spooky. $6.

Britland, David. Master of the Game. $6

Brown, Jeff. The Sherlock Holmes Book of Magic. $8.

Bryant, Steven. Little Egypt Card Tricks. $25.

Interested buyers please email me directly (, rather than cluttering the Forum. Free postage to United States addresses, if payment is made via money order. Thank you for your attention.

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