Abecedarian Softbound Book Sale

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Abecedarian Softbound Book Sale

Postby John Kokot » August 30th, 2007, 9:04 am

Forum aficionados may remember the August 15 and August 20 posts with offerings from A-D authors. The beat goes on.

The publications being offered for sale here are written by authors whose last names begin the letters E - G. Unless otherwise noted, all are softbound (paperback) first editions in new-to-excellent condition.

Interested buyers please email me directly (johnkokot@aol.com), rather than cluttering the Forum. Free postage to United States addresses, if payment is made via money order. Thank you for your interest and attention.

Earle, Lee. "M.I.N.D." $50.

"Epoptica." Issues 1 - 12, plus Bonus Trick Issue. $125. (Probably should have been listed under Busby, Jeff. Mea Culpa.)

Evans, Jay. "The Lecture Notes of Roger Klause." Water stained. $2.

Fabian. "Burtini's Cups & Balls Routine." $3.

Fisher, John. "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break." $3.

Fitch, Bob. "Magic." $5.

Fitch, Bob. "Topit Again & Again." $5.

Flosso, Jack (Compiler). "Close-Up Magic of the Masters." $10.

Fulves, Karl. "Kannibal Kards." Worn copy. Good. $3

Gagnon, Tom. "Sleightly Original." $20.

Ganson, Lewis. "Ron MacMillan's Symphony of the Spheres." $3.

Garcia, Frank. "Lecture Notes No.I." Satisfactory condition. $2

Garrett, Dan. "Closeup Connivery # 2." $7.

Giobbi, Roberto. "2 Stand-Up Routines." Second Edition. $10.

Goldstein, Phil. "The Blue Book of Mentalism," "The Green Book of Mentalism," "The Red Book of Mentalism," and "The Violet Book of Mentalism." With the publication of "Prism," these booklets no longer have the cachet they once did. They may have value, however, to some collectors. $8 each.

Goulet, Ray. "The Thompson Pass." $10.

Govan, Barry. "Close-Up Magic: Restaurant Style." $5.

Govan, Barry. "The Dice & Purse." $5.

Grismer, Ray. "Glaces," "Limey" and "Shorty." Three separate pamphlets sold as a set. $10.

Guinn, Scott. "Profiles in Coinage." $20.

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