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O - R / Either

Postby John Kokot » September 11th, 2007, 8:57 am

Either select a publication authored by someone whose last name begins with O (Richard Osterlind), P (Pat Page, or a title containing the moniker Pepys,) or R (Jason Randall).

Except as otherwise noted, all offerings are softbound, first-editions in excellent condition. Free Media Mail postage to addresses in the United States, if payment is via Money Order. PayPal payments must include shipping fee.

To avoid cluttering the Marketplace Forum, please email all inquiries directly to johnkokot@aol.com.

Okal, Bill. "A New Look at Some Classic Close-Up." $6.

Okal, Bill. "Card Magic." $3.

Oliver, David. "I Do Magic, Not Miracles." Autographed. $3.

Oliver, David. "You've Gotta Try It!" Autographed. $3.

Olson, Bob, and Pearce, Bob. "Sick Sorcery." Written annotations in margins. $3.

Olson, Robert. "Carl Rosini: His Life and Magic." Worn binding. $10.

Orben, Robert. "Speakers Handbook of Humor." $8.

Osborne, Tom. "Cups and Balls Magic." 1937. Shows its age. $5.

Osterlind, Richard. "Two Perfected Professional Routines." $8.

Osterlind, Richard. "The Surrounded Slow-Motion Center Tear...and Other Techniques." $20.

Ouellet, Gary. Eric DeCamps "The Coin Connection." $9.

Ouellet, Gary. "The Homing Ring." $8.

"Pabular." Fred Robinson, Kent, England, and Allan Zingg, editors. Volume 1, Number 1, Volume 4, No. 12; Volume 5, Numbers 2,3,6,8,9,10,11,12; Volume 6, Numbers 1,2,3,7,8,9,12; Volume 7, Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6; Volume 9, Numbers 2-6. A total of 28 loose issues in good condition. Sold as a set. $50.

Page, Patrick. "The Pull Book." $10.

Page, Patrick. "The Topit Handbook." $5.

Patton, James, and Vergilio, Ron. "A Visit with Larry Jennings." $10.

Pecor, Charles J. "The Power of the Word." Autographed stapled lecture notes. $12.

Perret, Gene. "Comedy Writing Workbook." $7.

Platt, John. "Cups and Balls." $6.

Racherbaumer, Jon. "The Ascanio Spread." $15.

Racherbaumer, Jon. "Good Turns." $15.

Randall, Jason. "Magic for Professionals." Good condition. $35.

Raymond, Guy. "Marked Cards." $3.

Read, Bob. "$100 Glass Thro' Table." Good condition. $15.

Read, Bob. "Thanks to Pepys." 1979. Third Printing. Binding is loose. $60.

Read, Bob. "Transpo Tumbler." $15.

Ream, Lamont. "Coin Creations." $5.

Rollins, Walt. "Mountain Knavery." $3.

Rubinstein, Michael. "Creative Coin Magic" (1985 Lecture Notes 1) and "Creative Coin Magic" (1985 Lecture Notes 2). Sold as a set. $15.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

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