The Fruits of Oniomania

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The Fruits of Oniomania

Postby John Kokot » February 5th, 2008, 8:19 am

For sale: some gallimaufry, oddments, nugacities and ephemera. Unless otherwise indicated, free shipping to addresses in the United States. Rather than cluttering the Forum with posts, please email inquiries directly to Thank you for your interest.

Acrobatic Rose (Tvo Farinaccia). Rose and written instructions. No video. $20 (plus postage).

Anniversary Waltz (Christopher Carter and Doc Eason). $10.

Arne Card Rise (blue-back bicycle), plus "Don Alans Devano Card Rise" (booklet) by Ron Bauer. Please note: Although the deck is in excellent condition, the gaff may need adjustment. $10.

Coin in Bottle Plus (Johnny Thompson). Props and manuscript. $15.

Copy Cash (Peter Eggink and JB Magic). $8.

Dice Stacking Package: $35 (plus postage). Includes the following:
four ivory dice,
four red casino dice,
one 1 ivory die,
One 2 -diameter leather dice cup (3.5 high),
"How to Stack Dice for Fun & No. $ !" (booklet) by Clarke The Senator Crandall.
Audley Walshs "Dice Dexterity" (booklet) by Audley Walsh and Ed Mishell
Diminishing Cards (Al Baker version manufactured by Viking-Haenchen). $15.

Dizzy Dominoes (Louis Tannen, circa 1961). Mint condition. $15.

Double Crossed (Daryl). $15.

Emergency Cash (Shufton Magic). $8.

The Empress (Brother Shadow). $20.

Flight 204. (Sean Fields) $10.

Fruit Salad (El Duco). $25 (plus postage).

Jumping Gems (Ken Allen, circa 1959). Mint condition. No instructions. $10.

McCombical Prediction (blue-backed jumbo bicycle cards). $15.

Minds Eye Deck (Max Maven). Manufactured by Ton Onosaka. $25

Miracle Gimmick (Paul Fox). $15.

Money for Old Rope. (Matthew Johnson) $3.

Multiplying Billiard Balls. One set of red wood 1 balls (3 balls plus shell). No instructions. $5.

One Cup & Coins (John Murray). $20.

Optical Ropes (Len Blease and JB Magic). $7.

Pentaquin (Corinda). $5.

Pocket Packet (Ton Onosakas variation of Phil Goldsteins Symbol Simon). $5.

Poker Chip Surprise (Porper & Biro). $65.

Psi-Deck (Bruce Bernstein). $75.

Room Service (Jonathan Neal, David Copperfield, Don Wayne). $25.

Sneak Thief Supreme (Larry Becker stage version) $35 (plus postage).

Super Bill Tube (Tannen). Includes tube, lock, key and bill-vanishing handkerchief. $25 (plus postage).

Topit Package: $60. Includes the following:
One Busby-Corin Topit
One Patrick Page Topit.
"The Topit Book" by Michael Ammar
"The Topit Handbook" by Patrick Page
"Topit and Topit Again" by Bob Fitch.

Twenty-First Century Silks (Jay Scott Berry). $12.

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