New Book: Project Latnem - Free shipping.

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Andy Hurst
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New Book: Project Latnem - Free shipping.

Postby Andy Hurst » April 21st, 2005, 5:02 pm

Announcing 'Project Latnem'. Order now for special free bonus and free shipping.

Wire bound, with over sixty photo illustrations. 63pp.


Post Natal Prediction: The magicians' prediction appears to be incorrect, but a little flourish and the prediction changes visually and instantly right before the spectators eyes. You'll start carrying this one with you whenever you go out performing.

Dead Knock Out: Spectator stops anywhere as the cards are dealt to the table. The prediction of the card they would stop on is 100% correct. You finish clean with a regular deck, ready to perform other miracles.

Martha Farquar: A two deck coincidence trick that kills. One spectator chooses a card in the fairest manner from a red deck, a 2nd spectator names any number from 1 - 52 and counts down to it in a blue deck they've been holding since the start. The two cards match exactly.

The SC Switch: You've never seen a thrust effect like this one. Originally appeared in Foocan magazine, but now, for the first time it's fully photo illustrated so anyone can master this amazing change.

Firing Blanks: A twist on Paul Curry's Open Prediction plot using a blank deck. Sure it sounds crazy, but try this once and you'll add it to your repertoire.

The Dead Zone: Divine the serial number of a borrowed bank note under impossible conditions. This is the most requested item at Andy's lectures.

One down, four to go: Take a trip back in time to 1888 and the time of Jack the Ripper. Not only does some truly impossible magic take place, but a spectator helps determine who the Ripper was.

Emergency Card: A no-palming, signed card to wallet where the wallet is in full view before the card is even selected. Resets in an instant.

Magic TV Card: Previously marketed item. Draw a picture of a TV set on the back of a card and the name of the spectators card appears on the TV while they hold the card. Quick reset - ideal for walk-around.

The second to last trick of Dr Uncle Benny: Ryan Matney said "This is like Heirloom without the wallet and without the outs." Produce a letter from your late Uncle Benny, the spectator shuffles a deck and follows the instructions in the letter and selects a card. A photo is removed from the envelope that's been in a spectator's possession and it's a picture of your Uncle Benny holding up a slate with the name of the selected card. (Save yourself the trouble of making the props for this trick - Order Project Latnem before May 1st and get the letter, envelope and special photo included with your order!)

Jay Walking: Imagine approaching a table full of people you've never met before and handing one a prediction before you start. At any time during your act you have that person select a card. When they check the prediction that they held from the outset, it not only names their card but also their name!

Teleported Selection: Take a chosen card and place it cleanly and fairly with four blank cards. Another spectator guards a packet of three cards of the same suit as the selection. Under impossible conditions the selected card travels from one packet to the other.

Plus... Bonus effect!

Project Latnem starts shipping May 9th 2005 and is just 17.50 (less than $35 USD at today's exchange rate) + s&h.

But order before April 30th 2005 and get the apparatus for 'The second to last trick of Uncle Benny" included free. Plus... I'll pay the shipping - wherever in the world you live (all international orders are sent air mail).

P.S. I am not taking advance orders to fund the production of the book like some might do. The books are ordered and paid for. They are arriving with me first week in May, I have set the shipping date as the 9th to be super-safe - there is a HIGH chance it will ship before this date. Feel free to email me with questions.

Andy Hurst
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Re: New Book: Project Latnem - Free shipping.

Postby Andy Hurst » April 27th, 2005, 6:53 am

Just an update. The books have arrived early from the printers, so I'll start to ship those ordered so far by the end of the week.

If you were holding back because you don't like pre-ordering (and who can blame you with some the recent escapades written about on forums), then you can now order with confidence. The books are IN STOCK and shipping.

And remember - if you order before 30th April you get the apparatus for "The second to last trick of Dr Uncle Benny" included free and I'll pay the shipping - wherever in the world you live with all international destinations being shipped by air mail.

Dealer enquiries welcome.

P.S. I started shipping these - I underestimated the cost of shipping outside UK by airmail, USA for example is 4, but I'm still honoring the free postage deal until 30th April - so get in quick.

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