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Dice Stacking Package Sale

Posted: September 22nd, 2004, 4:17 pm
by Frank Starsinic
If you're new to dice stacking or want to get started I'm offering a package that includes...

Dice-Stacking Cup / Chop Cup Combo
Dice,Balls,Bag for the Dice &
Todd Strong Dice-Stacking Video

all for $49.

After watching this video, I was stacking dice in 30 minutes.

Click Here

Without the video it was selling for $59.
Sale price is just $49 for the package.

Re: Dice Stacking Package Sale

Posted: September 24th, 2004, 7:56 pm
by Frank Starsinic
I'm now SOLD OUT out of Todd Strong videos.
The cups will now come with the
Jim Z video.

That tape is at least as good. It's just not the one I learned from originally.

Thanks for your interest!