FS: The Riser Ultimate Chop Cup - The Riser Shorty.

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FS: The Riser Ultimate Chop Cup - The Riser Shorty.

Postby Daniel » January 21st, 2005, 2:57 am

Like my sherwood cups, this cup chop is in mint condition. Like new.
This unique chop cup comes with these features:

There are no external indications of the hidden gimmick - it is spun in between two layers of metal.
The special ball has a hollow steel core (1 1/8" balls).
Even the gimmicked ball can be freely rolled into and out of the cup - it "holds" only when desired by the performer.
The bottom is indented on the Riser Shorty and is flat on the Riser Tall- inside and out.
"Release" is easily accomplished without "banging".
The standard balls are 1 1/8" in diameter.
The final load can easily be a regulation tennis ball or lemon (Riser Shorty) or a regulation baseball or large orange, etc. (Riser Tall).

Remember Im selling the Riser Shorty chop cup (in copper), which is most suitable for close-up magic.
For more information about this chop cup see this link http://www.jamesriser.com/Magic/Ultimat ... /RUCC.html

Cup comes with velvet bag, two gimmicked balls (one is 1" and other is 1 1/8 "), shotglass and the intructions.

Price is 200 $ postpaid worldwide.

Paypal only.


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