Pre-Spring Sale

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Pre-Spring Sale

Postby John Kokot » January 9th, 2004, 12:04 pm

Its one (count it) degree above zero in Boston. In the hope that a pre-spring sale will usher in warmer weather, the following items are offered for your perusal.

PayPal only. I will pay postage to addresses in the United States. All items in excellent condition.

Lets not clog up Forum space any more than I already have. To place an order, please e-mail me directly

Legend: Following the sale price, the letters X,Y, or Z may be found in parentheses. Please interpret these letters as follows:

X (Sale Price equals 65% of current retail price).
Y (Sale Price equals 50 % of current retail price).
Z (Sale Price equals 35 % of current retail price).

Aces in Their Faces. Bob Kohler. Cards and Instructions (No Video). $7.50 (Y)

Color Changing Knives. Enardoe style.
Set of four knives (standard Enardoe set is two knives): 1 black, 1 white, 1 black/white, and 1 red/white). A photograph of the Enardoe knife is available at
$12.50 (Y).

Diminishing Returns (Mike Powers).
This is the original gaffed deck, not the recent bicycle-face release. $10 (Y).

Double Crossed (Daryl).
Mentally selected cards move from one packet to another. $14 (X).

Empress. A Brother Shadow mentalism routine. $32 (X).

Fantasy Rising Cards. Doctor Schwarz Magical Co. A motorized rising card effect similar to a Richard Himber product. $42 (X).

Flight 204. Ring on chain manuscript by Sean Fields. $16 (X).

Kozar Prediction Pad. $29 (X)

Locking Spirit Slates.
Made in India by Suchara Bhattacharjee. Set of two matching slates, each 6.5 x 9.5. $26 (X).

Mental Clip. John T. Sheets Mental Epic gaff. $7 (Z).

Money for Old Rope. Matthew Johnson manuscript. $6 (Z).

Richochet. R. Paul Wilsons Reset routine including cards. $6.50 (X).

Shankansen." Phil Goldsteins thought-of card across. 9.50 (X).

"Swami Writer." $6 (Y).

Talk about Patter. Two Sid Lorraine audio tapes on writing your own scripts. $5 (Z).

Topit. $5. Manufacturer unknown. Not the Michael Ammar Pattern. $5 (Z).

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