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FS: Jumbo Sidekick I

Posted: March 25th, 2007, 1:01 pm
by Tony Baronio
FS: Jumbo Sidekick I
A spectator selects a card (say, the 4 of clubs) from a jumbo deck. Using a pistol, the spectator attempts to shoot the chosen card out of the deck.... But ... BANG! the table drape falls off ... BANG! .. the flower flies into the air ... BANG! .. the entire table tips, dumping everything onto the floor, except a jumbo five of clubs, which adheres to the table...... "It's not my card," says the spectator.

Not missing a beat, the performer takes the gun ....... "Let a professional handle this!"....and BANG! .. the performer shoots off the center pip. "It is now", says the performer with a triumphant wink.

The entire unit is an electronic marvel. Only the finest workmanship can give such satisfying results. All sound controlled from gun.
Comes complete, ready to work.

Includes custom case for the table, base, legs, vase and flower, deck of cards, curtain, etc.

A pistol case is also included with a 22 cal. Pistol and shoulder holster.

This unit is sound activated only.

I recently (Nov. 2006) had George Robinson from Viking Collectors Workshop go over the entire unit to make sure it is in fine working order.
I had paid $1350.00 for it brand new. Will let it go for $975.00 including shipping anywhere in the United States.

For more information please contact:
Tony Baronio
232 Snow Valley Drive
Drums, PA 18222