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Soft Sell CDs

Postby John Kokot » August 20th, 2007, 8:47 am

The following soft bound publications, whose authors' names begin with the letter C or D, are offered for your consideration. Unless otherwise indicated, all are first editions in new-to-excellent condition. Free shipping to addresses in the United States, if payment is via money order.

For books authored by names beginning with A or B, see "In Memory of Dorothy Parker" posting.

Carney, John. A cornucopia (not to be confused with his book "Carneycopia") of early pamphlets and lecture notes, including "Carney Knowledge" (1983), "Carney Up Close" (1987), "Conjuring Con Carney" (1987), "Conjuror's Journal" (1979),"Enigma" (circa 1980), and "Uncovered Carney" (1987). A total of 167 pages of material. Sold only as a package of six. $45.

Cervon, Bruce. "The Real Work: Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon." $20.

Chanin, Jack. "Cigar Manipulations." (1937) $25.

Charles, Kirk. " Manual of Restaurant Magic." $6.

Kirk, Charles. "Tips on Table-Hopping." $5.

Kirk, Charles. "Standing Up Surrounded." $10.

Cornelius, John. Autographed copy of "John Cornelius' Borrowed Bill Routine." $5.

Crandall, Clarke. "How to Stack Dice for Fun and No $." $5.

Daryl. "3 Fly 3." $6.

David, Jonathan. "Next Door (Dave) Neighbors." $10.

"Dayton, Ronald, and Schnidt, Joseph K. "Rope Worker: A Tribute to R.C. Buff." $15.

DeBarros, Jules. Autographed copy (Number 492 of limited special first edition) "The Coins of Ishtar." $25.

de la Torre, Jose. "Ascanio's World of Knives." $60.

de la Torre, Jose. "Mgicana of Havana in New York." $15.

DeSouza, Marc. 'Tri-Fecta." $5.

Dreher, Carl. "Professional Close-Up: Volume 1." $15.

Duffie, Peter, and Sadowitz, Jerry. "Alternative Card Magic." Second Edition. $12.

Duffie, Peter, and Sadowitz, Jerry. "Contemporary Card Magic." $20.

Please order by emailing, rather than by posting on Genii Forum.

Thank you for your attention.

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