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SOLD OUT!! Wolf's Magic: Jack Hughes Snake Basket

Posted: December 2nd, 2003, 8:57 pm
by Chance Wolf
I am beginning the new year by the launching the first effect in a series called "Vintage Recreations". This new Limited Edition line of magic will include Classic effects as manufactured in the past yet updating the mechanics, structural modifications and in most cases the quality of the materials themselves. Each effect will be built under painstaking conditions paying attention to every detail right down to the last brass screw.
I am happy to say that the first effect to be released is one of my personal favorites, The Jack Hughes Snake Basket. I have obtained limited manufacturing rights from Derek Lever to produce a very small run of this incredible effect.
I recently purchased an Original version of this effect which included every feature Jack offered from the patch of grass on the head to the launching ping-pong balls and of course the card prediction as well. I was most amazed that after almost 40 YEARS...EVERY gimmick WORKED!
I have already begun production and all is going well. The Snake has been updated by adding a feature that gives a far smoother rise. The entire gimmicked platform and components are comprised of Solid Oak and Polished Brass. It will be a beautiful piece when complete. The baskets will vary in design as I plan to keep each unit somewhat exclusive in look. Each Snake will be hand-painted by yours truly giving you the coolest custom painted snake you could ask for, airbrush effects and all. Time to blow the dust of my Sign-Painters kit.
Each Snake Basket will include a Signed & Numbered C.O.A. along with a custom engraved I.D. Plate as well as a step by step photo diary of the making of this effect.
The estimated price per unit, including Case will be around $995 ( maybe more depending on the last minute details). If you have always wanted this effect or just a Collector of fine apparatus, then this will be your chance to get a piece of Magic History and one hell of a fun routine.
I will be posting DETAILED pics on my website as soon as they are complete.
For Reservations or any further info, Email me at:
Thank you,
Chance Wolf

Re: SOLD OUT!! Wolf's Magic: Jack Hughes Snake Basket

Posted: December 7th, 2003, 2:11 pm
by Chance Wolf
Just a quick update. 8 Baskets have been SOLD. Only 4 remain unclaimed. I can assume the rest will go quick as soon as pics are posted. I anticipate them being ready to ship early Janurary or even sooner...but don't hold me to that as I am doing these while burning the midnight oil :)
I failed to mention that ONLY 12 Snake Baskets will be made. There will be NO MORE made after this. You have my word that this will be a TRUE Limited Edtion.
Thank you so much to you folks who have pre-ordered this effect sight unseen. I appreciate your trust in my work.

Re: SOLD OUT!! Wolf's Magic: Jack Hughes Snake Basket

Posted: December 12th, 2003, 10:49 am
by Chance Wolf
This Limited Edition has SOLD OUT within 1 WEEK! Thank you everyone for the great response!
I am creating an extended list in case a customer declines to purchase their Snake Basket. I will sell the declined basket(s) to the customers in order of their placement on the list.
Chance Wolf
Wolf's Magic

Re: SOLD OUT!! Wolf's Magic: Jack Hughes Snake Basket

Posted: December 26th, 2003, 11:20 am
by Guest
I purchased one and can't wait to get it!
I own everything he has except a side table:(
I even have one of his sweatshirts, they look great!
As I am sure you guys know, Wolf's stuff is AWSOME!
Talking to him and hearing some of his future ideals will drive you WhAcKy!
I tell you, Chance is one of the nicest guys out there in Magicland.
BE WARNED! Start saving your money now and hide it from the wife! This is going to be a KILLER year from Wolf's Magic :cool:

Tim Taylor