Aphabetical Sale: H - L

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Aphabetical Sale: H - L

Postby John Kokot » September 4th, 2007, 12:15 pm

H is for Hamman and Hollingworth, I for "Ibidem," J for Jon, K for Maze and Mullica (Huh!), and L for Lavand. Unless otherwise noted, all listings are softbound first editions in excellent condition. Interested buyers, please email me at johnkokot@aol.com. Free shipping to addresses in the United States, if payment is made via money order.

Hamman, Bro. John, S.M. "The Final Ace Routine." Devoe Magic Den, circa 1959. The original instructions. Six stapled pages (8.5" x 11") plus gaffed bridge-sized cards. Satisfactory condition. $20.

Harris, Ben. "Premier Elastic Thread & Routines." Book only, no thread. $8.

Harris, Ben. "Table-Side Manners." $5.

Harris, Paul. "Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets." $5.

Harris, Paul. "Supermagic." Good condition. $5.

Haydn, Whit. "The Chicago Surprise." $13.

Herman, Frank. "How to Do Instant Impressions." $2.

Heyl, Edgar. "Cues for Collectors." Second printing. $4.

Hollingworth, Guy. "Waiting for Inspiration." $22.

Hooser, Troy. "Lecture 1999." $3.

Hopkins, Charles H. "Outs, Precautions and Challenges." Second Edition. $4.

Hugard, Jean. "Card Manipulations: Series No. 3. 1934." Worn condition. $10.

Hugard, Jean. "Thimble Magic." Fourth Printing. $3.

"Ibidem." P. Howard Lyons, editor. Issue Number 34 and 35 (combined). $10.

Jay, Joshua. "Troy Hoosers The Silver Surf." Autographed by Troy Hooser. $10.

Johansen, Fred. "Mongolian Silk Mystery." Silks not included. $8.

Johnson, C.J. "More Shows! More Money!" Second Edition. $25.

Johnson, Roy. "Feature Three." $5.

Jon, Finn. "Finn Jon's Invisible Elastic Thread." 51-page book. Thread not included. $15.

Jon, Finn. "Magic of Finn Jon." $15.

Joseph, Eddie. "Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls." Second edition (1938) Good condition.. $3.

Joseph, Eddie. "The Art of Body Loading & Productions." $4.

Joseph, Eddie. "The Last Word on Cups and Balls." Satisfactory condition. $4.

Joseph, George. "Hand Mucking." $20.

Joseph, George. "The Overhand Shuffle Action Palm." Good condition. $10.

Kalver, Bruce. "Himber Ring Magic." $8.

Kam, Curtis; Taylor, Paul, and Kam, Chris. "All the World's a Stage." $15.

Kane, Peter. "A Card Session with Peter Kane." Second edition. $15.

Kannen, Phil. "Trade Show Secrets Revealed." $10.

Karelis, Charles. "Clean Through." Good condition. $5.

Kaufman, Richard. "The Gene Maze Card Book." $50.

Kaufman, Richard. "Tom Mullica's Aerobic." $10.

Kaye, Marvin. "The Handbook of Mental Magic." Second paperback printing. $5.

Kennedy, John. "John Kennedy's Floating Bill." $7.

Kennedy, John. "John Kennedy's Visible Coins to Glass." $6.

Kennedy, John. "Lecture III" (1983). Good condition. $3

Kenner, Chris. "Threefly." $5.

Knepper, Kenton. "An Enchanted Evening." $20.

Knepper, Kenton, and Zingg, Allen. "Creating Material & Making Your Performances Memorable." $20.

Lavand, "Rene Slow Motion Magic: Volume II." $75.

Lawton, Don. "Lots of Lawton." Third Printing. $6.

Leech, Al. "Card Man Stuff." Third Printing. $4.

Leech, Al. "For Card Men Only." $5.

Leech, Al. "Manipulating with Leech." $5.

Leech, Al. "Super Card Man Stuff." $7.

Lenier, Jules. "Sleightly Magical." $4.

Leviss, Andy. "Ramblings and Revelations." $7.

Lewis, Eric C. "Eric Lewis' Triple Cut Rope Trick." $8.

Lewis, James. "Thinking About Magic." $8.

"Looking Glass." Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer and Stephen Hobbs, editors. Washington, D.C. 8.5" x 11" pages. Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1996) to Issue 4 (Winter 1998). Complete file. Loose Issues. $50.

Loomis, Dennis. "The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine." Second Edition. $6.

Lovick, John. "Dylan Sardos The Mother Load." Second Edition. $9.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

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