Hanging by a Thread & Gallimaufry

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Hanging by a Thread & Gallimaufry

Postby John Kokot » February 14th, 2005, 8:28 am

For Sale (Free Shipping to United States addresses):

1. An assortment of invisible thread paraphernalia consisting of (a) The original
6 /2 inch version of the Sorcery Shop's Invisible Thread Reel(ITR), John Kennedy's "The Animator"(c) an unused package of Jon LeClair's "Premium Invisible Thread" and (d)an unused package of Michael Ammar's "Invisible Elastic." These four items are being sold as a package for $20. These four items will not be sold separately.

2. Bob Kohler's "Aces in Their Faces." $6. Cards are in new condition.

3. Aluminum "Combination Cups" (Two Regular cups and one matching Chop Cup). Excellent Condition. $10.

4. Mike Powers' "Diminishing Returns." Cards in new condition. This is the original release, not the second edition currently available. $10.

5. Daryl's "Double-Crossed." Mint condition cards. $10.

6. Fakini "Flash Four Ball Production" finale for Multiplying Golf Balls routine. Mint Condition. $35.

7. "Flight 204." $8.

8. "Heirloom." Mint Condition. $20.

9. Jumbo Card (Blue-Backed Bicycle) "McCombical Prediction." Excellent Condition. $12.

10. "Money for Old Rope." $4.

11. "Room Service." Mint Condition (never used). $25.

12. "Super-vision Blindfold Bag." This cloth bag, which fits over the entire head, is a Magico product. New, never used. $13.

If interested, please e-mail me directly at:

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