Withdrawal Pains

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Withdrawal Pains

Postby John Kokot » September 27th, 2007, 9:19 am

The Abecedarian book sale proved that a bibliomaniac could survive parting with heretofore cherished tomes. Since the withdrawal symptoms appear to be manageable, it may be possible to further wean ones self from literary addiction. What once appeared to be indispensable now seems capable of being jettisoned. Here are a plethora of previously unlisted titles for your perusal and potential purchase.

Unless otherwise indicated, all are softbound first editions in excellent condition. PayPal and money orders accepted. Free Media Mail shipping to addresses in the United States, if paid by money order. Additional charge for First-Class or Priority Mail.

Please email all inquires directly to johnkokot@aol.com.

Anderson, George. It Must be Mindreading. Sixth Printing. $10

Anderson, George B. Dynamite Mentalism. Third Printing. $10

Anderson, George B. You, Too, Can Read Minds. $10

Bauer, Joel. Hustle, Hustle: Making Magic Your Business. $25.

Becker, Larry. Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism. $20.

Becker, Larry. The Best of Larry Beckers World of Super Mentalism: Book II. $40.

Becker, Larry. Mentalism for Magicians. $20.

Bedwell, Steve. In Over Your Head. Autographed. $10.

Bedwell, Steve. Thick Schtick. Autographed. $15.

Benzais, J. The Best of Benzais. $20.

Bernstein, Bruce. Perception Is Everything. $15.

Bernstein, Bruce. Twenty Effects for Psychic Entertainers. $20.

Blake, George, DeCourcy, Ken, and Himber, Richard. Routines with the Himber Type Linking Finger Ring. $5.

Blake, George. Take a Note. Unnumbered later edition. $8.

Boarde, C.L. "Mainly Mental" (Billets) Third Edition. $40.

Boarde, C.L. "Mainly Mental (Volume Three): One-Man Routines" $55.

Boarde, C.L. "One-On-One Mentalism." $35.

Born, John B. "Matrix Gods Way." Book plus a performance-only Windows Media Player compact disk. $65.

Britland, David. "Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual." Second Edition. Transfer lettering for marking decks not included. $5.

Brooke, Ken. It's Better Than Digging Roads and A Lifetime of Joy. Two booklets plus two 60-minute audio cassettes. $30.

Brooke, Ken. Ken Brooke & Friends & the Malini Egg Bag. Unnumbered later edition. $8.

Bruno, Joe. Anatomy of Misdirection. Autographed. Good condition. $5.

Brushwood, Brian, and Johnson, C.J. Pack the House. $8.

Busby, Jeff. Coin in Bottle Plus. Booklet plus two gaffs. $15.

Raul Wolf Miracle Gimmick. Booklet plus the Raul Wolf Miracle Gimmick. $20. Those puzzled by this listing who are also blues fans might remember that Buddy Guy once used the alias "Friendly Chap" and Muddy Waters once recorded as "Dirty Rivers."

Busby, Jeff. Routines and Handlings for the Sterling Egg Bag. $10.

Cohen, Morris (The Amazing Maurice). Mentalistrix. Good condition. $9.

Collectors' Workshop Catalogue (1996). $15.

Cram, Scott. Terry LaGeroulds Pasteboard Presentations II. $20.

Daryl. Out of This Hemisphere. $7.

Daryl. Printing (includes Dominique Duvivier's original routine). $15.

Davenport's Catalogue of Antiquarian, Old, New Books and Manuscripts. Lewis Davenport Limited, 1982. Good condition. $25.

Duval, Ade. A Rhapsody in Silk. $3.

Evans, Jay. The Other Side of the Coin. Autographed Copy Number 41 of a limited first edition. $15.

Friedhoffer, Bob. Magic and Perception. $5.

Ganson, Lewis. Routined Manipulation: Part One. Later edition. $4

Ganson, Lewis. The Dai Vernon Cups and Balls. The Supreme Magic Company, circa 1965. $6.

Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company Program (1990). $4.

Grant, U.F. Nu Way Out of This World. Satisfactory condition. $3.

Horowitz, S. Leo (Mohammed Bey). Okito Box Magic. $3.

Hoy, David. The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust. $25.

Hugard, Jean. Card Manipulations: Series No. 3. 1934. Satisfactory condition. $10.

Hugard, Jean. Close-Up Magic. 1934. Satisfactory condition. $10.

Hugard, Jean. Coin Magic. 1935. Autographed First Edition. Satisfactory condition. $25.

Hull, Burling. The Amazing World of Mentalism. $45.

Hull, Burling. The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism. Revised and Enlarged Edition in three-ring binder. Good condition. $45.

Hull, Burling. The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism: Volume Two (in three-ring binder). $45.

Hull, Burling (Edited by Micky Hades). The New Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation. $10.

Jaks, Stanley. Who Is This Dr. Jaks? (Lecture Notes). Good condition. $25.

Klayder, Jim. Watch Closely. $10.

Kurtz, Gary. Relentless. $12.

L & L Publishing Catalogs of Magic 2000. (five annual catalogs, 2001 2004, a total of 612 pages. Sold as a set. $15.

Leviss, Andy (Compiler). The 73rd Hour. Limited edition for attendees of 72 Hours: The Ultimate Mentalism Gathering ( 2002). $10.

Marlo, Edward. Coining Magic. Fourth Printing. $4.

Marlo, Edward. Shoot the Works. Fifth Printing. $4.

Marlo, Edward. Multiple Shift. $3.

Maue, Rick. The Book of Haunted Magic. $25.

Maxwell, Mike. Louis Falanga's Lake Tahoe Card Magic. $9.

Nu, Alain. Xtreme Xtrasensory Xposed Hard Core Mentalism. $30.

Ouellet, Gary. The Two Goblets. $8.

Pallbearers Review, The: Close-Up Folio # 7, # 8, # 9 and $10. (Dai Vernon Issues, Parts 1-4) Parts 2, 3 and 4 are original issues, and Part 1 is a photocopy. Sold as a set. $15.

Pecor, Charles J. Staging Magic: The Real Secrets Expanded. Second Printing. $8.

Penumbra. Bean, Gordon, and Goodwin, Bill (Editors). Volume 1, Number 1 through Number 10. $75.

Pierce, Lance. The World-Famous Bowl Routine. $20.

Rice, Harold R., and VanZandt, W.T. Thru the Dye Tube. Fourth Printing. $4.

Riggs, John. The Compleat Fortune-Teller. $20.

Riggs, John. The Even Compleater Fortune Teller. $20.

Riggs, John. Heavy Mental. $25.

Riggs, John. The Messiah Process. $25.

Riggs, John. PW The Mentalists Secret Weapon. $15.

Riggs, John. The Suburban Charlatan. $25.

Robson, Stuart. Tips on the Bill in Cigarette. Satisfactory condition. $3.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

John Kokot
9 Cynthia Road
Canton, MA 02021-1308
781 828-7042


Re: Withdrawal Pains

Postby Guest » September 27th, 2007, 6:28 pm

I'll take Relentless and The 73rd hour. Will Paypal you.



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