No Zs -- But Intriguing Ss and a W

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No Zs -- But Intriguing Ss and a W

Postby John Kokot » September 19th, 2007, 11:51 am

As in Samelson, Schneider, Steranko and Weber, plus the usual potpourri.

Unless otherwise indicated, all listings are softbound first editions in excellent condition. PayPal and money orders accepted. Free Media Mail shipping to addresses in the United States, if paid by money order. Additional charge for First-Class or Priority Mail.

Interest buyers, please email all inquiries directly to Also available on request is a list of 85 new titles not previously offered in the abecedarian sale.

Sadowitz, Jerry. "Cards Hit." $13.

Saint John, Eddie. "The Pitchmans Svengali Routine." $4.

Samelson, Peter. "Theatrical Close-Up." $100.

Satori (Wolfgang Voigt). "Making Contact: The Real Secrets of Contact Mindreading." $25.

Schmidt, Joseph K. "Modern Close-Up Card Problems." $30.

Schneider, Al. "Off." $5.

Schneider, Al. "Al Schneider on Coins." $50.

Sharpe, Alton. "Expert Card Mysteries." Good condition. $15.

Sharpe, Alton. "Expert Card Conjuring" and "Expert Card Chicanery" (two books in one volume). Loose binding. $6.

Shute, Merlyn T. "Out of Your Pocket." $3.

Simmons, Ken. "David Neighbors on the Double-Coin Gimmick." $10.

Simmons, Ken. "Scotch and Soda: Part 2." $5.

Simon, Bill. "Sleightly Sensational." $10.

Smith, Chuck. "What If." $20.

Smith, Samuel Patrick. "On Stage! Bringing Out the Better Performer in You. $10.

Steranko. "Graphic Prince of Darkness" (Tales from the Edge, Special Edition). $20.

Steranko. "Steranko on Cards." $90.

Swinford, Paul. "Lecture Notes." $3.

"Syzygy." Lee Earle, editor. Volume 1, Number 1 through Volume 5, Number 14, plus 18 Quarterly Supplements and indices, a total of 432 pages A complete file of loose issues. $125.

"Talisman." Jules Lenier, editor1971), Complete file of loose issues, plus pamphlet entitled "The Unholy 3 Predict!" $75.

Tamiriz, Juan. "The New Mini-Symbolic Method." $5.

Tarr, Bill. "Now You See It, Now You Dont! Lessons in Sleight of Hand." $12

"Thaumaturgist." Jeff Busby Magic, Inc. Issues 1, 3, 5-27, 31, 32, 34-36 and 38. $15.

Thomas, Bud. "The Expert Gambler's Card Routine." $5.

Thompson, J.G., Jr., and Rutledge, Ned. "Between Two Minds." $8.

Thompson, J.G., Jr. "The Living End." $4.

Thompson, John. "Polished Polish Prestidigitation" lecture notes. (not the later 44-page book.) $10.

Tiong, Phoa Yan. "Phoa Yan Tiong." $3.

Tong, Danny. "The Close-Up Magic of Danny Tong." $5.

Tullock, Eddie, with Knepper, Kenton, and Urban, Gene. "Tullock (The Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic): The Real Truth about Trade Show Magic and a Lot More." $35.

Tucker, W.M. "The Change Raisers." $4.

Ulman, Alfred Jr. "The Business of Restaurant Magic." $10.

Vergilio, Ron. "Offering." $5.

Victor, Edward. "More Magic of the Hands." $5.

Wakeman, Randy. "The Rainbow Deck." (Book only). $8.

Walsh, Audley, and Mishell, Ed. "Dice Deceptions" (also known as "Dice Dexterity"). $5.

Warlock, Peter. "The Best Tricks with Slates." Good condition. $3.

Watkins, Dan. "Coinvanish: Volume 2." $15.

Weber, Michael. "Side Effects." $20.

Webster, Richard. "Home Psychic Parties for Fun and Profit." $15.

Webster, Richard. "Ladies Nights." $15.

Webster, Richard. "Psychometry from A to Z." $20.

Wenk, Timothy. "Insomnia." $5.

"West Coast Quarterly." Earl Nelson, editor. Volume 1, Number 2. $5.

Wichman, Ralf. "The String Book." $8.

Williams, Dick. "Cups & Balls for the New Millennium." $5.

Willmarth, Phil. "Trevor Lewis Close Up." $15.

Wilson, R. Paul. "Crash Course in Brain Surgery." $10.

Wilson, R. Paul. "Knock em Dead." $15.

Yates, Jack. "Minds in Close-Up." $8.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

John Kokot
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Re: No Zs -- But Intriguing Ss and a W

Postby J Bright » September 19th, 2007, 2:21 pm

Hi John,

I just sent you an email.


Re: No Zs -- But Intriguing Ss and a W

Postby Guest » September 19th, 2007, 6:56 pm

Hi John!

I have also sent you an earlier e-mail regarding the "Thaumaturgist" issues.


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