Book Tests for SALE!!

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Book Tests for SALE!!

Postby magicapplestore » April 8th, 2021, 5:22 pm

All book tests are BRAND NEW and NEVER BEEN USED
$5 shipping on any order. Spend $100 or more, I’ll pay the shipping costs!

The Streets Book Test by John Archer (Boston Edition) $40

How to Tell Anybody’s Personalities by the Way they Laugh and Speak. (complete with 2 books PLUS the Joke Book by Harry Monk $40

The Cousin of All Book Tests by Leaping Lizards $25

The Oasis Book Test by Clint Barron $30

X3 Book Test Combo (includes THREE book tests) $65

Flictionary (the Dictionary Book Test) $70

World Word by Becker and Earle (2 little puzzle book tests) $20

The TUBE Book Test by Russell & Ethan Leeds $30

Tossed Out Bok Lest by Tri City Magic $20

My Word by Dan Harlan $10

Shoot me an email: or call The Magic Apple to place your order 818-508-9921

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