Summer 2020 Gibeciere - wow

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Brad Henderson
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Summer 2020 Gibeciere - wow

Postby Brad Henderson » August 4th, 2020, 8:31 pm

I’ve always felt The Conjuring Art’s Research Center’s Gibeciere constitutes one of the best values in the entire magic marketplace. Each issue contains at least one VERY interesting thing and usually at least two other pretty darned interesting things, and the fourth or fifth items are usually really good too - but let’s face it, people have individual tastes and you can’t expect everything to appeal to everyone all the time. That statement of the obvious aside, I have never seen a poorly written or more than competently conceived article in its pages.

So, I’m a fan.

But this season’s issue tops everything in production quality alone. The cover is an embossed red (would we call this faux-leather?) material with gilt accents. The lead article is on Bosch’s famous painting, The Conjurer (The Juggler) and that is found in relief on the cover.

I’m just starting to read it. The aforementioned article has a full color fold out print of the artwork under discussion. And there is the second installment of the Hugard Translation of the Decremps Nouvelle Magie Blanche Devoille (I have long wanted these classic European texts to see translation and proper presentation), a piece on a newly discovered Hofsiner portrait, a piece on an interesting document concerning papal law and its relationship to magic, and an article on the history of those newly again popular magic/pocket illusions where the sword goes through a metal piece usually representing a bull’s head or other item.

Another great volume from CARC. Worth a membership for the two issues each year alone.

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Matthew Field
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Re: Summer 2020 Gibeciere - wow

Postby Matthew Field » August 5th, 2020, 7:49 am

Thanks for writing about this, Brad.

Jason England
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Re: Summer 2020 Gibeciere - wow

Postby Jason England » August 16th, 2020, 12:50 am

I consider it magic's only real academic journal. Kalush and his team do a fantasic job with it.


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