Pro mystic Sensys standard 3 sensor set

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Pro mystic Sensys standard 3 sensor set

Postby PGibson » April 14th, 2018, 9:59 am

Unused , 450.00 w 6.00 shipping

3 sensor set.

Requries the pro mystic receiver

In nearly every show, there is a need to know when certain objects have been selected. Not just any objects, but borrowed, ungaffed objects – like cell phones, wallets, business cards, bills, coins, postcards, keys, eyeglasses – nearly anything!
SenSys is the smallest, most sophisticated object detection system on the market. Utilizing an advanced auto-calibration software, there’s no longer a need for complicated set-ups or restrictive language when borrowing objects. SenSys works in real time, accurately and instantly detecting both the addition and removal of borrowed objects from your specified zones. SenSys detects even small objects, and doesn’t have to rely on sensing the spectator’s hand.
The poker-chip-sized discs can be placed under your performance table, tray, or close-up mat. Tables or trays should be no more than approximately ½ in. in thickness, though can be up to 1 inch if larger objects are used. Gaffing your own close-up mats is a simple process. With ProMystic’s AutoSense technology, SenSys automatically adapts to your performance environment, leaving you to focus on what matters most: your performance.

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