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Wikipedia articles need help

Postby Susan Gerbic » March 5th, 2024, 5:52 pm

Hello everyone! I'm a Wikipedia editor that has a wide interest, one that includes the history of magic. I have rewritten many Wikipedia articles in this area, recently the Magic Castle and Bill Larsen articles. The biggest frustration I run into is the lack of images. Look at Milt Larsen's Wikipedia article for an example of a horrible and embarrassing photo. I have reached out to the library at the Magic Castle and he is overwhelmed and too busy to help. I have not received a response from Erika Larsen. So now I'm stuck. I was hoping to write the Wikipedia article for Geraldine Larsen who was "The Magic Lady" on TV, but I'm lacking photos and I would also like to have video.

The rules for writing a Wikipedia page are complicated. But in a nutshell we can not use images that are not uploaded by the owner of the image. So just pulling something off the Internet is not going to work. I need photos/video that are uploaded by the owner, I can show how to do that, if needed. Also everything that is written on a Wikipedia article must be cited to a reliable source, Genii will work, but I can't use a blog or website or someone's word for it. I'm looking for more content to use, and not just for the Larsen family but to other historic people as well as places and objects. The Genii Wikipedia article looks outdated also, but where to start on that?

I'm looking for other like-minded people who want to help me (not with the editing) to make these Wikipedia articles the best they can be, focusing on people/places from the past if possible. I'm happy to answer questions also!

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