"Echo in the Canyon"

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"Echo in the Canyon"

Postby Diego » June 24th, 2019, 6:32 pm

I just saw a very insightful and fun documentary, 'Echo in the Canyon", about how musicians combined rock and folk music to create new sounds in the mid-1960's, starting with The Byrds and many other groups. The title is because many lived and shared their music in the Laurel Canyon area of The San Fernando Valley, ("The Valley") of Los Angeles.

In noting the none-music persons who had at one time lived there, besides Tom Mix and Boris Karloff, they include Houdini.

The Houdini reference is only for a second, but the documentary is amazing in that the son of Bob Dylan is interviewing so many key musicians/producers who tell how the music developed and "cross-pollinated" to become identifiable on it's own. AND GREAT STORIES!
Talk about cutting up jackpots! When you get members of the Beatles, Byrds, Mamas and Papas and Beach Boys talking about getting together, "...and he brought some stuff Timothy Leary gave him..." Amazing and fun stuff.

Not magic but great show business stories.

Tom Gilbert
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Re: "Echo in the Canyon"

Postby Tom Gilbert » June 24th, 2019, 10:04 pm

I saw the preview of this and it looked very interesting (to me).

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