"Magic and Beyond" TV Show

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"Magic and Beyond" TV Show

Postby observer » March 6th, 2018, 3:19 am

This was referenced in the 2017 roundup I think. I found it because it's free to watch on Amazon Prime. Historically pretty interesting, with a number of 1990s acts I have not seen before. Plus archive-type footage of e.g. Houdini, Hardeen, etc. Thought I'd mention it because I just finished watching Episode 8 which has (I guess) the entire act of pioneering regurgitator Hadji Ali. Not that I'm a big regurgitation fan, but like I said of historical interest. Also Johnny Ace Palmer in the Closeup Corner every episode.

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Favorite Magician: Harry Kellar - Charlie Miller - Paul Rosini - Jay Marshall
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Re: "Magic and Beyond" TV Show

Postby observer » April 10th, 2018, 2:42 am

Thought this might be useful since - as pointed out I believe in Dustin Stinett's 2017 roundup - the amazon prime listings for individual episodes don't say who the performers are. The show is free on prime, by the way, that's how I found it.
26 Episodes. Copyright 1999. All episodes with introduction & outro by Michael York; individual act introductions by Kristi Sindt (Wardrobe by Cache), sometimes assisted by Randall Richman. Historical footage (marked (H) here) by William H McIlhaney. Locations: Pepperdine University, Moorpark College.
Johnny "Ace" Palmer in The Closeup Corner, episodes 1-21
Somebody did some research for the little filler bits, which give capsule views of historic magicians, e.g. Fetaque Sanders, Suzy Wandas, Adelaide Herrmann, Amedeo Vacca.
Looks like most episodes have performers working for camera only, with audience laughter & applause dubbed in, so interaction with the nonexistent audience seems forced, "audience volunteers" pretty obviously were just waiting off camera. Some of the illusion acts were filmed in front of a live audience though.

Episode 1: Amos Levkovich; Scott Cervine; Steffan Soule
Ep. 2: Woody Pittman; (H) Kalanag levitates Gloria De Vos; Greg Wilson
Ep. 3: Bryan Stoops; (H) Horace Goldin; Richard Burr & Josette
Ep. 4: Enrico De La Vega; (H) Hardeen escapes from underwater packing box 1933, Hardeen (or maybe Houdini) ditto in 1918; Dominic Krzanowski
Ep. 5: Amos Levkovich; (H) Indian street magicians (circa 1930s?); Doug Malloy
Ep. 6: Raushahn Hammond; (H) Hardeen escapes packing box (dry land) in 3.5 seconds, breaking Houdini's record of 9 seconds; Keith Boudreau and Erica Leguin, contact juggling
Ep. 7: Doug Malloy; (H) Houdini upside down straitjacket escape above street, straitjacket escape from (movie) dungeon; Richard Burr & Josette
Ep. 8: Woody Pittman; (H) Hadji Ali; Charles & Bobbi Peters
Ep. 9: Tom Ogden; Chris De Palma; The Majestix
Ep. 10: Duane Bertonneau; (H) Indian street magicians (mostly repeats of the ones in Ep. 5); Richard Burr & Josette
Ep. 11: Randall Richman; (H) Kalanag Indian rope trick; Randall Eller
Ep. 12: Enrico De La Vega; (H) Blackstone dancing hank, rabbit giveaway routine; Yuri Kukis, Russian circus magician
Ep. 13: Tom Ogden; (H) Blackstone buzzsaw cutting, doll costume prediction illusion; Dominic Krzanowski
Ep. 14: Bryan Stoops; (H) Blackstone card prediction; Richard Burr & Josette
Ep. 15 Danny Cole (act includes some quick costume changes); (H) Slydini cigarette miracle, coin magic, ball from cone, silk symphony; Randall Eller & Ed Magic
Ep. 16: James Holguin; Greg Wilson, contact juggling; Bob Borgia
Ep. 17: Tom Ogden; (H) Blackstone is securely nailed into a packing case by Thurston, Tarbell, Downs, Raboid, etc., but escapes anyhow; Chris De Palma; Woody Pittman
Ep. 18: Randall Richman, fire eating; (H) Jack Gwynne; Scott Cervine
Ep. 19: Austin Kottke; (H) Channing Pollock dove act from European Nights; Woody Pittman
Ep. 20: Randall Eller & Ed Magic; (H) Slydini, paper balls in hat; Yuri Kukis
Ep.21: Brian Dow; (H) Blackstone sawing repeated from prev. episode, then performed outdoors; Randall Eller & Ed Magic
Ep. 22: (It's a whole new Kristi from here on out, different hairstyle & seems to be having fun!) Chuck Jones; Mark Jenest; Reed Lucas takes over in The Closeup Corner through Episode 26; George Milward
Ep. 23: Dan Birch; Reed Lucas; James Dimmare
Ep. 24: Chuck Jones; Sylvester the Jester; Victor & Diamond
Ep. 25: Dan Birch; Mark Jenest; Sylvester the Jester
Ep. 26: Victor & Diamond; Mark Jenest; James Dimmare

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