Jean Nelson - Final Curtain

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Jean Nelson - Final Curtain

Postby Diego » October 2nd, 2017, 8:14 pm

The family of the late mentalist dealer Robert Nelson, has informed me, that his daughter, Jean Nelson, passed away last week.

I am very grateful that she welcomed my inquires and generously shared her candid memories of her father and his enterprises.

Stories like having Howard Thurston as a houseguest...brewing beer in the basement during prohibition...watching, "some man named Bobo who did coin tricks"...being onstage helping Blackstone, Sr. with his rabbit candy routine, and more.

I was glad to visit her and others in the Nelson family and she visited me looking at my collection of Nelson material, offering her insights.
Only proper to note someone who was a gatekeeper to her family's history and was willing to open the door and enjoy doing so.

She would have been 95 this October. She served in the armed forces during WW2, married a serviceman, had two children, and lived a full life.

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