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Digital Debut of the Harry Houdini Throwing Card

Posted: March 10th, 2017, 10:48 am
by Gary Brown
There’s some exciting news at Propelled Pasteboards, the throwing card blog. My friend and co-blogger Gary Frank drafted a post to highlight a rare and interesting Houdini cinema card for the site. Thanks, in part, to a suggestion from Bill Mullins (a generous collector who has also contributed a guest post), Mr. Frank has revised the Houdini post to include an image of a rare, if not unique, Houdini throwing card that has seen print as an illustration in the margins of Ricky Jay’s Cards as Weapons. To do this, Mr. Frank got permission from Ricky to reproduce the illustration. As far as we can tell, is the first time this illustration has been made available on the Internet. Don’t miss it!

The Houdini throwing card can be seen here:
Several posts about Ricky Jay’s cards can be accessed here:
Mr, Mullin’s guest post, featuring a fine card by Allen Lambie, can be found here: